Monday, February 10, 2014

RootsTech 2014 Streamed Videos Are Online Now!

The three Keynote sessions and at least 14 other livestreamed presentations are now available at  

You can click on individual video files for:

*  Thursday 8:30 AM Keynotes - Annelies van den Belt and Ree Drummond
*  Thursday, 10:30 AM - Tammy Hepps on "Top Ten Things I Learned About My Family From My Couch"
*  Thursday, 1 PM - The Ancestry Insider on "Do It Yourself Photo Restoration"
*  Thursday, 2:30 PM - James Rader on "Intro to DNA for Genealogists"
*  Thursday, 4 PM - Randy Hoffman on "Genealogy in the Cloud"
*  Thursday, 4 PM - Michael J. Leclerc on "Sharing Your Family History With Multimedia"

*  Friday, 8:30 AM Keynotes - Judy Russell and Dr. Spencer Wells
*  Friday, 10:30 AM - David Adelman on "Storytelling Super Powers - How to Come Off as Your Family's Genealogy Hero"
*  Friday, 1 PM - Lisa Alzo on "Tweets, Links, Pins,  and Posts: Break Down Genealogical Brick Walls With Social Media"
*  Friday, 1 PM - Deborah Gamble on "5 Ways to do Genealogy In Your Sleep"
*  Friday, 2:30 PM - Daniel Horowitz on "Finding Family and Ancestors Outside the USA With New Technologies"
*  Friday, 2:30 PM - Christa Cowan on "Getting the Most Out Of Ancestry"
*  Friday, 4 PM - Tom Taylor on "How to Interview Yourself for a Personal History"

*  Saturday, 8:30 AM Keynotes - Todd Hansen and Stephanie Nielson
*  Saturday, 10:30 AM - Lisa Louise Cooke on "Become an iPad Power User"
*  Saturday, 1 PM - Josh Taylor on "Information Overload: Managing Online Searches and Their Results"
*  Saturday, 2:30 PM - Randy Whited on "A Beginners Guide to Going Paperless"

This is an excellent opportunity to watch quality genealogical presentations to further your education.  I'm going to try to watch at least one per week.

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