Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Legacy Family Tree 8.0 Adds FamilySearch-Certified Tools - Sources

Legacy Family Tree announced yesterday that:

 "This update adds new FamilySearch-certified tools such as Sources, Discussions, Change History, and more. It also addresses minor issues that you have reported since our initial release of Legacy 8."

I had to download the updated program file ( from the website - the download started from within my current Legacy Family Tree version 8.0 did not work.  But it installed, and loaded my database, and I was good to go.

I wanted to look at how they implemented the Sources in a synchronization with the FamilySearch Family Tree.  

To get started, I had to figure out how to activate the FamilySearch sync features, and the Help Search function told me to use the Options Menu button, the "Customize" button, and then scroll down to the "1.8  FamilySearch (ff)" item and click the box for "Integrate with FamilySearch."  

I wanted to add sources for my 4th Great-Grandfather, Nathan Gates (1767-1830).  

1)  Here is the Family View for his family:

See the red arrow icons at the end of each persons name?  That is the indicator to sync information with FamilySearch.  The user can click on those red arrow icons and get to the FamilySearch interface.

2)  I clicked on Nathan Gates' name, and saw his "Individual Information" screen:

The person's name on the screen above also has the FamilySearch sync red arrow icon.

3)  I clicked on the red arrows icon to get to the Legacy FamilySearch program (apparently, it's a separate program that does this) for Nathan Gates:

On the screen above, there are six tabs below the person's name on the Legacy FamilySearch screen - for Matches, Duplicates, Share Data, Sources, Discussions, and Changes.

The Sources tab indicates that there are 0 sources attached for Nathan Gates.

4)  I clicked on the Sources tab, and the two columns were "My Legacy Sources" and "FamilySearch Sources:"

5)  I clicked on the > arrow to the right of the first source in the "My Legacy Sources" column and the "Upload This Source in FamilySearch:"

Before I clicked the "Upload Source" button, I checked the boxes in the "Source Tags" area on the right side of the window above for Name, Gender and Birth for the Birth source in my database.  Then I clicked on the "Upload Source" button.

6)  I uploaded all four sources, taking care to click on the appropriate Source Tags for each one.  Here is what the Sources window looked like:

In the "FamilySearch Sources" column, the four sources are listed and the Events that apply have green checks.

I really like that the "My Legacy Sources" column shows the specific event type (i.e., Birth, Death, etc.).  That helped me decide which events to check on the "FamilySearch Sources" side.

I was finished, so I clicked the "I am finished sharing data" button and exited the screen above (using the red X, I expected a "Save" or "Close" button) and I think my sources were added to the FamilySearch Family Tree.

7)  I wanted to check if the sources had been added, so I clicked on the "FamilySearch.org" link on the Legacy FamilySearch program screen and saw Nathan Gates' profile in the Family Tree:

Scrolling down, I found the "Sources" area of the profile.  I expanded each source item and saw:

The screen above has only three sources showing, the fourth one is further down the screen above.

8)  This process works very well, and works quickly.  There was minimum time delay between choosing the source to add and the addition.  In the 10 seconds it took me to go to FamilySearch after adding the four sources, the sources were in the Family Tree profile.  

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Copyright (c) 2014, Randall J. Seaver

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Unknown said...

Have you tried downloading a source from FamilySearch Family Tree to Legacy? I like the fact that the fields match up for uploading, but when I tried to download a source from Family Tree to Legacy I got a message saying that the feature will be coming soon. I'm using the free version of Legacy 8.0 to try it out - do you you get the same message in the full version of Legacy 8.0?

Also, have you seen any improvements in the matching of fields in RootsMagic 6? I prefer RootsMagic Sources, but in trying to sync sources I can't sync my research notes—the field doesn't import to FamilySearch Family Tree. Thoughts?