Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pictures from the GeneaBloggers After-RootsTech Party

Pat and Gordon Richley-Erickson hosted a wonderful RootsTech after-party at their home in South Jordan on Saturday night for the genea-bloggers who were able to attend.  Some attendees took the TRAX from downtown Salt Lake City and were picked up at the TRAX station, others were picked up by Gordon and Pat and driven to their home, and some of the local Salt Lake city area attendees came in their own car.  There were about 25 in attendance.

Pat's daughters, Carrie and Tracey, did a fantastic job preparing two soup dishes, salad, veggies, and yummy desserts.  We all enjoyed the food and friends.  Pat and Gordon have their new home beautifully decorated.  We even got to see the Mondays With Myrt Hangout On Air "studio" but I neglected to get a picture of Pat in her chair.  Drat.

We did remember to take some pictures.  Here are some of mine (click on the photos to enlarge them):

1)  Near the end of the party, we remembered to take a group photo of the folks still there (Russ, Sonia and Fiona had left by then):

Who can name everybody in the picture?  I'll try later but I have a plane to catch soon.

2)  The dinner tables changed over time - here are (from left) Daniel Horowitz (born Venezuela, lives in Israel), Sonia Meza (from Spain), Miriam Robbins (from Washington state), Claire Brisson-Banks (from Utah) and Timo Kracke (from Germany):

3)  Another dinner table - with (from left) Kim Cotton (from California), M. Diane rogers (from British columbia), Barry Kline (from Virginia) and Russ Worthington (from New Jersey):

4)  Standing out in the hallway are (from left) Barry Kline, Janet Hovorka, and Kim Cotton, with Gordon Erickson in the background):

4)  Here are Sue Maxwell, Carrie Keele and Janet Hovorka wearing different shades of red:

5)  This photo shows Sonia Meza and Linda Seaver sharing some time together, speaking in Spanish (Linda enjoyed conversing with Sonia, who is a really nice young lady!):

6)  The Robbins ladies - Linda Robbins (from Texas) on the left, and Miriam Robbins (from Washington) (with Timo Kracke and Chris Mueller in the background):

7)  Deep in conversation are (from the left), Sue Maxwell (from Utah), Renee Zamora (from Utah) and Linda Robbins (from Texas):

Did you note the international flavor of the attendees?  This was a wonderful genealogy "hangout" with geneabloggers (and some spouses) from Israel, Spain, Germany, England, Australia and the USA.

Unfortunately, I missed getting closeup photos of a number of attendees.  I hope others did.

Thank you so much to Pat, Gordon, Carrie and Tracey (and their husbands) for the wonderful party.  A great time was had by all.  The visiting attendees were transported back to Salt Lake City by Gordon and his two sons-in-law.

Look for more pictures on Facebook and other attendees blogs.

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