Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Free Research Guides in Learning Center

Did you know that has a FREE Learning Center with research articles on a range of genealogical subjects.  The Learning Center is at

For instance, the FREE Research Guides web page:

The list of "New Guides" includes:

*  5 Steps to a Healthy Family Tree Added 5 March 2014
*  5 Must-See Collections on Added 17 December 2013
*  State Research Guides  Ongoing project with new states being added regularly
The newest article, 5 Steps to a Healthy Family Tree was written by Amy Johnson Crow, Anne Gillespie Mitchell, and Juliana Smith:

This article introduces the five major tenets of the Genealogical Proof Standard, and how to use the proof standard to do excellent research.

You can download all of these articles to your computer as PDF files and read them at your leisure, or print them out for future reference or sharing.

I also checked out the Free State Research Guides, and they've added these states so far:

*  Alaska (02 January 2014)
*  California (08 January 2014)
*  Connecticut (1 March 2014)
*  Georgia (25 November 2013)
*  Indiana (12 December 2013)

*  Kansas (29 January 2014)
 Michigan (07 February 2014)
*  New Mexico (22 January 2014)\
*  New York (14 January 2014)
*  Oregon (12 February 2014)

*  Texas (25 November 2013)
*  Virginia (9 December 2013)

That's a good start - they say that they will add more during 2014. 

These State Research Guides are also in PDF format and can be downloaded to your computer for reading offline or printing, or can be read online.

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