Monday, March 3, 2014

New Find A Grave App from Ancestry Available in iTunes Store

Tamura Jones revealed in a Google+ post this morning that the long-awaited Find A Grave app is available in the Apple iTunes store.  There is information on the Find A Grave website about it in

There are many screen shots and examples on the Find A Grave page.

Note that this mobile app is only for iOS at this time, but the web page says the Android version is coming soon.

I've been testing the iOS app over the weekend, and was waiting for the go-ahead to announce it and post about it.  Maybe that will happen later today?

UPDATE: announced it in a blog post today - see

I see that Geneabloggers and Dick Eastman published some sort of a press release about this.  I didn't get the press release - yet - so I didn't know that it was public until I read Tamura's post on Google+.  I was out of the office all morning so couldn't have done anything if I had known about it.

Thomas MacEntee has published screen shots from the app on his Hack Genealogy website - see Good job.

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dnh said...
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dnh said...

The App will only run on IOS 7. My old IPOD won't load 7.

Anonymous said...

In an effort to contact owners of memorial pages containing my ancestors or people I believe to be my ancestors, SOME are posting on their profile page that findagrave is NOT find an ancestor and they are not to be contacted for information or sent information to be posted on that page. Some won't link relatives. Some have removed their contact information and disabled messages. I know all about the volunteering done for the site; I do it myself. But I would never make a memorial page for someone and then deny maintenance to a relative closer than I am. Findagrave doesn't want duplicates. I am thinking of bucking that rule and making my own memorial page so that I can correct or add dates and family. If I am contacted about the duplicate I will ignore it. In the past I have removed complete pages containing much more information than the second page. I won't do it any more. If a creator doesn't want to share their work, maybe they should stop participating?