Friday, May 23, 2014

Genetic Genealogy - 23andMe Basic Video Features CeCe Moore

CeCe Moore (who writes the excellent Your Genetic Genealogist blog) is featured on the Hangout with 23andMe: Genetic Genealogy Basics video on YouTube.  The YouTube description is:

"Hangout with 23andMe Ancestry Ambassador CeCe Moore to learn the basics of Genetic Genealogy and 23andMe's Ancestry features. CeCe will be joined by 23andMe product manager, Laurie Kahn, and community manager, Christine. This Hangout will cover interpreting your 23andMe Ancestry Composition results, connecting with your DNA Relatives, understanding maternal and paternal lines -- and more."

The YouTube video is at  You can watch it there.

Here is the video if you want to watch it here:

I've always wondered about the confidence levels, and CeCe indicated that the "Speculative" level contains fairly accurate information.

You can watch many more YouTube videos about genetics and genealogy on the 23andMe YouTube Channel -

Enjoy!  I did.

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Your Genetic Genealogist said...

Thanks, Randy! I just wanted to clarify that I should have been more explicit in my discussion of Speculative mode on the Ancestry Composition. The level of confidence that 23andMe has at that setting is actually relatively high and many genetic genealogists have opined that it is the most accurate admixture prediction available from a commercial company, however and this is a BIG however, ALL admixture predictions should be taken with a big dose of salt and regarded with caution.