Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tuesday's Tip - Subscribe to Internet Genealogy Magazine

This week's Tuesday's Tip is:  Subscribe to Internet Genealogy magazine for up-to-date information about online genealogy records, websites, and software.

Internet Genealogy magazine is published six times per year by Moorshead Publishing Ltd. on a yearly subscription basis.  The magazine has a U.S.A. and Canadian orientation.  You can subscribe to receive a paper mailed version or download a digital version, or both.   I have subscribed for at least ten years and enjoy the magazine because it is up-to-date and fresh.

The most recent issue is April-May 2014, and the Table of Contents includes:

*  German Genealogy ?Websites You Won't Want to Miss, by Leslie Albrecht Huber
*  Lifespan: Landmarks of Life by David A. Norris
*  Spring Into New Software: A Review of Legacy Family Tree Version 8!, by Tony Bandy
*  Locating Records of British Seamen, by Ed Storey
*  Free Online Magazines and Your Family History, by Tony Bandy
*  Finding Online Biographical Resources, by Carol Richey
*  X1: Unified Search, by Diane L. Richard
*  NetNotes, by Diane L. Richard
*  From One Comes Many: MyHeritage, Record Extraction, and Your Ancestors, by Tony Bandy
*  HathiTrust, by Diane L. Richard
*  The Back Page, by Dave Obee

The February-March 2014 issue Table of Contents is:

*  Connecting Through Social Media, by Christine Woodcock
*  Evidence Explained - the Website, by Diane L. Richard
*  Hey Mac, Have You Got Any Software? by Tony Bandy
*  Clooz: It's all About Detection, by Tony Bandy
*  Is One Death Record Enough? by Mary Kircher Roddy
*  Do You Have Ancestors From the English Black Country? by Karen Evans
*  Digital Maps of "The Great War" by David A. Norris
*  Net Notes, by Diane L. Richard
*  Unlocking the Past: Researching the Birth of an Artist, by Gabrielle Morgan
*  An American Hero: Captain Charles R. Sloan, by Constance R. Cherba
*  The Back Page, by Dave Obee.

I read each issue from cover to cover, and usually find one or more very helpful and useful articles to further my own research and use of software.  For instance, the HathiTrust article and the biographical Resources article were very useful for me.

I have subscribed to the digital PDF magazine for many years, but recently started receiving the print version also.  I find the PDF version difficult to read because the magazine uses three narrow columns on many pages.  Frankly, I still prefer the print magazine version.

I highly recommend this magazine to keep you up to date on what is happening in genealogy and family history.

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Diane Gould Hall said...

Hi Randy - I too have subscribed for years. This past year I switched from the paper to the PDF version. I have found that I just don't read it as much as I used to because of that change. I will be going back to the paper version. Since I am such a little "get rid of paper files" kind of gal, this comes as a surprise to me.
As to the content. I completely agree. I nearly always learn something from their articles and really enjoy the magazine.