Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Carringer Family in San Diego in About 1895 -- Post 308 for (Not So) Wordless Wednesday

I'm posting family photographs from my collection on Wednesdays, but they won't be Wordless Wednesday posts like others do - I simply am incapable of having a wordless post.

Here is a photograph from my grandfather's photo album in the Seaver/Carringer family collection handed down by my mother in the 1988 to 2002 time period:

believe that this photograph is from about 1895 in San Diego at an unknown location (it looks like a hat store, but it may be a family home). My grandfather, Lyle Carringer was born in November 1891, and he looks to be between ages 2 and 4 in this photograph, so "about 1895" is my estimate.  The people in the picture are (left to right):

* Henry Austin Carringer (1853-1946), my great-grandfather - standing behind the bicycle on the left.

* Abigail (Vaux) Smith (1844-1931), my great-great-grandmother, mother of Della (Smith) Carringer - seated on the stool.

* Harvey Edgar Carringer (1857-1946), brother of Henry Austin Carringer - seated in doorway.

* Lyle Lawrence Carringer (1891-1976), my grandfather - seated on a wagon with wheels (the front wheels are difficult to discern).

* Abbie Ardell/Della (Smith) Carringer (1864-1944), my great-grandmother, mother of Lyle Carringer - seated on the right.

They are all well dressed and they look very somber.  I wonder if they are mourning the death of Abigail's husband and Della's father, Devier J. Smith in Nebraska in May 1894.  

It's interesting that they had at least two bicycles in the photograph.  Are they just photo props, or do they belong to the Carringer brothers?  Having bicycles makes sense in a city with dirt or paved streets, it beats walking or riding a horse.  But I've seen no other pictures of this family with a bicycle.  

I don't know where this building was.  In the 1895 time frame, Henry and Della Carringer lived at 28th Street and Logan Avenue in San Diego.  This may be their home, or it may be a shop that they frequent, since both men, and Lyle, are wearing hats.

This photograph is on very thin paper and is faded.  It also has many splotches from handling and some damage around the edges.  It was not in one of the photo albums, or Della's scrapbook, I have from this time period.

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