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Amanuensis Monday - Post 223: Inventory of John Able (1780-1831) of Sussex County, New Jersey

Genea-blogger John Newmark (who writes the excellent TransylvanianDutch blog) started a Monday blog theme years ago called "Amanuensis Monday."  John offers this definition for "amanuensis:" 

"A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another."

The subject today is an inventory in the Probate Court records of Sussex County, New Jersey, for the estate of John Able of Byram, who died in 1831:

The transcription of this record is:

[page 15]

[left margin] John Able dec^d

A true and perfect Inventory of all and Singular the goods and
Chattels rights and credits monies and effects of John Able
late of the Township of Byram in the County of Sussex deceased
appraised by us whose names are hereunto subscribed this
17th day of March A D 1831.

Wearing Apparel $10,00 Cash $3.00                                                          13.00
1 Gun $4.00 1 pinch back French Watch $3.00                                             7.00
1 Silver Watch at Newton                                                                           5.00
1 pair oxen sold to Lewis Munson                                                              10.00
1 Cast Iron pot 50 cts 1 Pan 25 cts 1 Griddle at Wm. Lb to $1.00                  1.75
1 Feather bed 1 Coverled & 1 Cot bedsted                                                   6.00
1 Bedsted 50cts 1 old Chest 12 cts 1 Chopping ax $1.50                               2.12
12 ??? Wool at Joseph Smiths @ 3/ per ??                                                   4.50
3 Skips Beer $6.00 1 Cradle & Scythe & grass Scythe & Snethe $2.00          8.00
1 Earthen Jug & 1 Tray 12-1/2 1 drawing knife & table 1 pr Steelyards $2     2.12-1/2
Debt due from Samuel Heaven                                                                  10.00
accepted order drawn by Lewis Munson on Chedester                                13.00
a balance due from Benj^n Hettno as appears by
Settlement signed 13th Feby 1831                                                              20.22
Christopher Hagerty Note principal $6.60 Int on above 1 /8 mo 65 cts            7.25
Wm Ables Note dated 21st July 1826 for $11.59 Int on do $3.15                 14.74
a Balance due from Saml Wells Jr as appears }
by a Settlement Signed 25th Feby 1830 }                                                    35.18
A Balance due from Ephraim C. Gray as appears }
by Settlement signed 16 August 1830                  }                                       7.79
Account signed against Deake & Coe                                                         10.87
do Thomas Heaton                                                                                   14.90
Note against George Crimm                                                                        8.00
Order on Peter Jennings                                                                              3.37
Supposed Balance on G. Bartletts order                                                       2.84
John Roudaperata account $12.00 John Rhodes $5.00                                18.00
                         Desperate                                                                     275.66
Charles Tappins Note dated 18th June 1829                                                 4.50
Elias Hinds do 24th July 1824                                                                     1.75
Patrick McBride 25th April 2827                                                               25.22
Wm C. Lewis }                                                                                  $ 307.11
Daniel Jackson } appraisers

[page 16]

Sussex County Ss William C. Lewis one of the appraisers of the
within Inventory being duly sworn according to Law did depose
and say that the goods and Chattels rights and Credits in the
said Inventory set down and Specified were by him apprised
according to their just and true respective rates and values
after the best of his judgment and understanding and that
Daniel Jackson the other appraiser whose name is thereunto
Subscribed was present and in all things Consented to the
doing thereof and that they appraised all things that were
brought to their view for appraisement.
Sworn & Subscribed before me }
the 17th day of March 1831 } Wm C. Lewis
?? Teasdale    Surrogate      }

Sussex County Ss. John Le Port the adm^r of John Able dec^d
being duly sworn according to Law did depose and say that
the Within Writing contains a true and perfect inventory of
all and Singular the goods and Chattels rights and Credits of
said dec^d that have come to his possession acknowledge or to
the possession of any other person or persons for his use.
Sworn & Subscribed before me }
the 17th day of March 1831 } John Le Port
?? Teasdale Surrogate               }

The source citation for this document is:

"New Jersey, Probate Records, 1678-1980," digital images,  FamilySearch  ( accessed 19 February 2013), Sussex > Inventories 1819-1840 vol D-F > pages 15-16 (image 591 of 840) John Able inventory.

This Inventory image is also available on FHL Microfilm US/CAN 960535.  The digital image for the page is at,339837901

There was minimal household stuff listed, perhaps they were very poor or had sold more of their personal property.  Apparently, there was no real property in the inventory.

I found it interesting that some of the debts owed to the estate were listed as "Doubtful" and "Desparate."  I don't know what sort of occupation that John Able engaged in - it was probably farming, but with so many outstanding debts it might have been a trade or store of some sort.

I believe that this John Able is my third great-grandfather John Able (1780-1831), who married Anna Row in 1804, and had five children, including my second great-grandfather, Daniel Auble (1817-1894).

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