Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Live-Streamed Video Sessions at Family History and DNA Day at Jamboree (5 June 2014)

The live-streaming video schedule for Thursday, 5 June 2014 at the SCGS Family History and DNA Day is (NOTE: all times are Pacific Time = Eastern minus 3 hours):

*  TH003 - Thursday 10:00AM - CeCe Moore: "Real World Stories from the Desk of a Genealogy DNA Detective"

*  TH007 - Thursday 11:30AM - Diahan Southard: "Lab Tour: How Your Data is Generated"

*  TH010 - Thursday 2:15PM - Blaine Bettinger, PhD, JD: "Using Autosomal DNA to Explore Your Ancestry"

*  TH015 - Thursday 3:30PM - Dr. Maurice Gleeson: "Which DNA is Best for You?"

*  All-Day Pass allows you to view all five of these presentations, plus download the Family History and DNA syllabus at no charge. You'll have handouts to all 20 of the presentations.

The SCGS Genealogy Jamboree website provides this information:  

Because the Family History and DNA Conference does not receive any sponsorship support, they ask their audience to support the costs of the streamed sessions on Thursday. Each individual class costs $30. A discounted Full-Day Pass opens the door to all five sessions, plus free download of the DNA syllabus with handouts for all 20 sessions.

The sessions can be viewed real-time, as it is being delivered in Burbank, or when it's convenient any time before July 5. The Family History and DNA sessions will not be available for later viewing in the SCGS webinar archive, so don't miss this opportunity to view these professional genetic genealogists.

Click on the link to pre-register for a session. Payment and further directions will be emailed to you.

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