Friday, June 13, 2014

My Flipboard Magazine for "Randy at Jamboree 2014"

I created a Flipboard Magazine for my photo/blog album titled "Randy at Jamboree 2014."  
You can see it at  Here is the cover (on the web page):

You can flip to the next page using the arrows on the right and left sides of the page.

Here is the next page:

And the next page:

I won't post them all here - I have 39 articles in this magazine.

If you click on the title of any of the articles, then you will go to the website with that web page and can read the whole article.  For instance:

As you can see, I created a new genealogy blog titled "Randy at Jamboree" and posted many of my pictures there as separate blog posts.  I did that because Flipboard only "catches" one image for the magazine, and I wanted to highlight each picture one at a time for the magazine.

I wish that I had taken more, and better, photos at Jamboree - I need to work on that next year!

Note that on the Flipboard pages above, there are a number of posts on one magazine page.  Six or seven, sometimes.  I think that's because I took most of my pictures in landscape mode rather than portrait mode.

There is a Flipboard mobile app made for iOS and Android.  I looked at this magazine on my iPhone and all of the pictures are on individual screens:

On the Flipboard app on the iPhone, you flip the pages up and down, not left and right.

I wrote about the process of creating a Flipboard magazine in Trying Out Flipboard, a Curated Magazine Website/Mobile App (20 January 2014).  My previous Flipboard magazines are:

*  "Randy at RootsTech 2014" Flipboard Magazine Available (11 February 2014)

*  Genea-Musings Flipboard Magazine Gets Noticed (6 March 2014).

I hope other geneabloggers try out Flipboard and show their Jamboree photographs in that media.  The key is to take pictures and post them on a web page, ideally one per page.  You do have to have them on a web page, and not just on a social media site.  Every time I go to a conference, I plan ahead to take many photographs and post the best ones on my blog.  

Want to see what can be done using Flipboard?  Read the Flipboard Magazines blog at  There are some awesome photo magazines there.

How can genealogical societies use a Flipboard magazine to entice the next generation of genealogists?  Perhaps this is one tool that can be used to create photo magazines of ancestors, families, hometowns, society activities, repositories, genealogical research, etc.

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Unknown said...

I think you took plenty of pictures. Thanks for posting them. I really enjoyed seeing everyone at the conference. I always look forward to your blog posts about the conferences you attend.