Monday, June 9, 2014

Still More Photos from SCGS Jamboree 2014 - Post 5

Here are more photographs I took at the SCGS Genealogy Jamboree 2014 from 5 to 8 June 2014:

26)  David Lambert was often at the New England Historic Genealogical Society exhibit:

27)  Geneabloggers J. Paul Hawthorne and Jane Neff Rollins were in the '60s spirit on Sunday:

 28)  Barbara Renick has a new look:

28)  I had a great conversation about genealogy blogging with these three ladies in the '60s theme spirit from the Conejo Valley Genealogical Society:

29)  Connie and Toni from the Immigrant Genealogical Society helped me look for my Carringer German ancestry (and gave me a piece of Elyse's shower cake):

30)  I managed to get Geoff Rasmussen (of Legacy Family Tree and Family Tree Webinars) and Janet Hovorka of FamilyChartMasters to hold still in front of Janet's exhibits:

31)  Here is the panel for the Sunday presentation of "Rebranding Genealogy and Engaging the Next Generation" - from the left:  Michael Melendez, Josh Taylor, Crista Cowan, Elyse Doerflinger and the moderator, Janet Hovorka.

32)  Janet Hovorka and Melanie Frick (Homestead Genealogy blog) in front of Janet's exhibit:

33)  Brian Wolf Leverich and Karen Isaacson Leverich, founders of Rootsweb and Linkpendium, visited the Bloggers Island on Sunday afternoon:

34)  Many folks gathered on Sunday afternoon at the Bloggers Island:

There are more - Elyse's bridal shower photos coming up next:

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UPDATED to correct Janet's name - sorry!  Brain fade, or something.  

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