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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Meet My Grandma

Calling all Genea-Musings Fans: 
 It's Saturday Night again - 
time for some more Genealogy Fun!!

Here is your assignment if you choose to play along (cue the Mission Impossible music):

1)  The FamilySearch Blog has had several posts about sharing your favorite Grandma Story - see 
Have You Shared Your Favorite Grandma Story Yet?—#MeetMyGrandma and 20 Questions You Can Use to Capture Grandma’s Story—#MeetMyGrandma and Grandma Campaign Aims to Gather Your Fondest Grandma Stories—#Meet My Grandmother.

2)  Tonight's SNGF challenge is to tell a favorite grandmother story.  It can be anything about her.

3)  Share it on your own blog post, in a comment on this post, or in a post on Facebook or Google+.  

4)  For extra credit, be sure to share it on FamilySearch at

Here's mine:

Here is one of my memories about my "Gram," my grandmother:

I was born in October 1943, and my father worked in the aircraft industry in San Diego until he enlisted in the U.S. Navy in the summer of 1944 during World War II, returning to San Diego in February 1946.  After he left, my mother was working as a schoolteacher, and she and I moved into Gram's house.  So my Gram took care of me all day long in her home at 2130 Fern Street.  

She changed my diaper, kept me fed, clothed and bathed, talked to me, took me shopping to the store, played little games and with toys with me, and really enjoyed doing it.  I think that she was the person who heard my first words, saw my first step, fed me my first solid food, and let me explore the house, the vegetable garden and the greenhouse - it was a child's wonderland with small fish ponds and frogs and insects thriving in lush greenery.

She told me that they were giving me bottled water to drink after I was weaned from the milk bottle, and finally stopped that after she discovered me scooping water out of the toilet and drinking it.  She said they made sure to flush it every time someone used it from then on.

I always felt very close to my Gram, probably because of the bond formed during my baby and toddler years.  We didn't move away - when my father returned from the war, we moved into one of the family-owned apartments on the block, and then to a larger family-owned apartment on the block after my brother Stanley arrived in September 1946.  I saw Gram nearly every day, and she always had a little treat for me when I visited.  Gram was a sweetheart!

I wrote a blog post about my maternal grandmother, Emily Kemp (Auble) Carringer back in 2009 - see Emily Kemp (Auble) Carringer (1899-1977).

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Bill West said...

I submitted a post I did for my grandmother Agnes McFarland. I reprinted it last year but it was originally the first blogpost I ever did back in 2007.