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Amanuensis Monday - Post 248: Inventory of Simon Gates (1739-1803) Estate

Genea-blogger John Newmark (who writes the excellent TransylvanianDutch blog) started a Monday blog theme years ago called "Amanuensis Monday."  John offers this definition for "amanuensis:" 

"A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another."

The subject today is the 1803 Inventory for the estate of Simon Gates (1739-1803) of Gardner, Worcester County, Massachusetts in Worcester County Probate File 23252:

The transcription of the three pages is:

[first page]

To the Honor^b Nath^ll Paine Esq
Judge of probate for the County of Worcester
An Inventory of the Real and personal Estate
of Mr Simon Gates Late of Gardner Decd –

Home Farme 100 acres apprised att
Colborn Meadow So Called 15 acres apprised att
Conant Lott so Called … 30 acres apprised att
Marshal Lot So Called 40 acres apprised att
two fourth Division … 40 acres apprised att
1 Pew below 46d Do 1 27d one hors Stable 5d
To three hats 2d Blew Grate Coat 3d.75c
1 old Grate Coat 1d Navey blew Coat 4d75c
1 Lonon brown Coat 3d.50c Cotton Do 1d
1 Spencer 2d Black Small Cloth 2d.50c
1 Velvet Small Cloth 2d.50c two pair Do 50c
1 Velvet waistcoat 1d 67c two old Do 60c
2 old Shirts – 30 cents Stocking 60c Silk Handkerchief 60c
Boots and Shoes 1d60c Bed No 1 20d Do No 2 18d
Bed No 3 – 19d Do No 4-4d two woollen sheets 2d.75c
Ten Sheets 5d Seven Table Cloths 2d25c
Six pillow Cases 1d.12c Six Knapkings 75c
1 Clock 40d Chest of Draws 4d.50c woman Saddle 9d.50c
Mans Saddle 6d 1 Do 3d.50c 1 Do 3d
1 Pillion 90c two Grate Chanes 1d.63c Do 12 Chans 4d.50c
3 Bridles 1d.67c two pair of Saddlebags 2d
Oval Table 50c Square Table 60c hand Bellows 65c
Shovel and Tongs 1d-50c two pair of handirons 3d-50c
3 Grain Tramels and hooks 8d.25c Iron Kittle 2d.50c
Brass Kettle 5d.50c Grate Wheele 80c
Two foot Wheels 2d.50c fan Comb 2d.67c


[page 2]

Brought Forward
4 old Tubs 1d.50c one Chair 80c wooden Bottles 30c
4 old Baskets 60c three old pales & pigons 45c
Tin ware 6d.35c Flatiron 75c Tasting Iron 70c
Warming Pann 1d.11c Crowey ware 80c
Glass ware 92c fore Large Pewter Dishes 3d
12 Pewter plates 2d five pewter Dishes 1d.34c
2 Candle Stickers 20c Case of Knives & forkes 1d.40c
1 Looking Glass 35c Glass 81 lb 13d50c Iron pot 1d
Dish kettle 90c Tea Kettle 80c Frying pan 75cents
Beef 80wt – 4d.40c Pork 230wt – 20d70c
2-1/2 Barrels of Syder 6d.67c twenty Syder barrels 8d
Potatoes 10d Soap 2d.25c two meat Barrels 1d
Nine pounds of Tallow 1d.25c Setwork 2d.25c
Old Casks 3d hand Saw and Sho???? 35c l???? 3d.50c
English hay 4d Fresh hay 46d
Curry Comb and Shovel 40c three bushels ½ of wheat 3d.63
Loom and hur??? 3d.50c 2-1/2 bushels of barley 2d
4 bushels of oats 1d.34c two Bushels of Beans 1d.67c
20 Bushels of Rye 16d.67c thirty three bushels of corn 22s
Salt 2d.50c two paire of Cords 50c old Books 1d.25c

2 pair of Shearin 25c Spoons 26c 56wt of whitelead 7d
Spanish Brown 1d.50c ???? lead 20c S????? yallow 83c
1 Gun 6d 6 ft pair of Trases 2d.50c one Chaine 1d.34c
2 oxen 2d.16c old Traces 1d.60c one harrow 1d.80c
1 three year old colt 22d yearling Do 17d
Sheep 53d Cart Sham?ing pinn 13d one plow 5d.50c
2 oxen 58d No 1 White fair Cow and Calf 29d
Brindle Cow No 2 – 21d yallow cow No 3 – 19d
White tale Cow No 4 – 18d Cow No 5 – 13d
2 Best two year old Stears 26d two Do Stears 25d
2 two year old heifers 22d Six yearlings 45d
One horse 33d one wagon 13d Grindston 3d Sl?? 83c

[page 3]

Brought Forward
1 Dung fork 50c Best Chains 2d.50c two mow forks 50c
2 yokes 1d.25c one Brake 83c three Brakes 50c
3 Cythes and tackling 2d.75c three augers 70c
Cross Cut Saw 2d two wedges 50c one Chisel 25c
Slay and harnis 5d Cut So??? and bit 12c
Cheese press 75c Steelyard 1d.75c Iron Barr 1d.67c
Old hoes 67c two old Chanes 1d.50c Slay Shoes 3d
Bo???? 2d two Swine 16d.50c Calf Skins 3d
Sole Leather 2d.80c three meat bags 1d
Notes of hand principal and Intrest
Ashes 2d.50c Boxes 40c pinchers 34c Money 4d.80c
One Sim

                                       Stephen Miles }
Gardner May 14th 1803 Stephen Hoar } Apprisers
                                       Levi Fairbank }

The source citation for this inventory is:

Massachusetts, Worcester County, Probate Files, 1731-1925, Case 23252, Simon Gates Estate, 1803, Inventory; digital images,,( accessed 12 August 2014); in "Case no 23243-23330, Gates, Sarah-Gay, William, 1731-1881" (images 96-98 of 1069); original records in Worcester County, Mass. Courthouse.

This is the second of several transcriptions from the Estate packet for Simon Gates (1739-1803), my 5th great-grandfather.  He died 11 March 1803 in Gardner, Worcester County, Massachusetts.  

The inventory of the estate of Simon Gates totaled $5,636.17, of which $3,760 was real estate (including the church pews and the stable).  The notes from debts owed to Simon Gates was $943.99.  The balance was personal property - clothing, furniture, utensils, tools, livestock, foodstuffs, etc.  

I tried to retain the original spelling.  The handwriting was difficult in places - if readers can suggest words or better spellings I would appreciate it.   I put this in a word processor table to transcribe it, and the table included the $ sign in the right-hand column.   There are money amounts in the list of property "d" stands for "dollar" and "c" for "cents."  In the original, these were superscripts, as was "wt" for "weight".  The "Do" stands for "ditto" meaning the same as the item before.  There may be two lines of text for some of the items.

These records were digitized by FamilySearch from the original probate estate packet in the Worcester County Probate Court in Worcester, Massachusetts.  The papers are also transcribed in the Worcester County Probate Records, 1732-1881, found on Family History Library US/CAN Microfilm.  

Copyright (c) 2014, Randall J. Seaver

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Geolover said...

Here are some suggestions for the questioned items on second page of the inventory, omitting money amounts:

Line 15
3rd item just might be a Shovel, and the last (across the split) "linen"

Line 18
Loomb and harnis

Line 23
Spanish Brown Read lead Spruce yallow

Last line
one horse one wagon grindston slead

Given the pigments Spanish Brown, white lead and red lead, was he mixing paint? I am not familiar with "Spruce yellow," which from context would be unrelated to the yellow spruce tree.