Tuesday, December 30, 2014

So I Went Away For a Week...

...and I received lots of interesting genea-mail.  Including:

*  Ed wrote noting that we are Kendall cousins - because of my Surname Saturday -- KENDALL (England to colonial Massachusetts) post on 20 December 2014.  We are probably 9th cousins.

*  Gord found me by doing a Google search for Johann Ernst Dafoe (first finding Amanuensis Monday - Post 232: 1797 Upper Canada Land Petition of John, Abraham and Daniel Defoe post from 25 August 2014, and then my Surname Saturday post Surname Saturday - DAFOE (Switzerland > NewYork > Ontario from 2010).  We are probably 5th cousins.

*  Jean found my website with Seaver reports, and sent me a photograph of William Titus Seaver (1838-1924), plus other photos from her family.  Since one of them was Frederick, she thought perhaps the Fred in the photo was my grandfather.  He wasn't, but I appreciate the offer!  I haven't found a relationship yet for me to William Titus Seaver.

*  Marian found my Scribd report on "Descendants of Nathaniel Seaver," and asked for more information about one of his descendants.  She found a Find A Grave memorial that is for Joanna (Brewer) Goddard, who was in my report.  

*  Eric wrote asking for more Sever information on his line.  He lives in San Diego.  I will have to do some research to link him to known Seaver/Sever families.  He may be a cousin, maybe not!

*  Cousin-in-law Gary wrote in response to my Christmas letter, asking for help researching his ancestry.  I have his wife's ancestry back as far as I can.  This should be fun!

*  Ally left a comment on my post The Four-Mile House of Ranslow Smith (dated 16 January 2008) noting that her ancestors also owned this inn built by my second great-grandfather in Wisconsin.  

Now the challenge is to answer all of them with cogent and helpful comments and information.

Did you get some interesting genea-mail this holiday season?

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Hilary Gadsby said...

I am planning a blog post regarding my recent geneamail as it is a follow on to something I started last year.