Thursday, February 26, 2015

MooseRoots Is a New Genealogy Research Engine

I stopped by the MooseRoots exhibit at RootsTech/FGS 2015, and was intrigued by the website.

The website has a genealogy search engine that includes a number of vital records, census, military, and immigration record collections - all FREE.  It is part of the FindTheBest family of websites.  The Google search for the site results describe the site as:

"Get the most detailed ancestry information available. Explore death records, find military records, compare popular names, and research your family history."

Here is the top of the MooseRoots website ( (two screens below):

Users can register for free if they wish.  The search works without registration.

At the top of the screen above, is a search field, so I typed "isaac seaver" in the field and saw:

I picked the "Search all of MooseRoots for "isaac seaver" item on the dropdown list:

The first item on the list above is "Isaac Seaver Census Records."  I clicked that:

There are additional search fields on the left side to narrow the search to a county or state, to a birth date and place, etc.

I clicked on the first result on the list to see what information was provided for Isaac S. Seaver in the 1930 U.S. Census (5 screens shown below)

And there's still more information about the state and county.

The 1930 U.S. census result for Isaac S. Seaver above includes details about the person, the persons in the household (linked to profiles), the original record (the image is not available at this time), links to Isaac Seaver in other census records, and a source citation.  The census detail information is from FamilySearch.

Below the specific census information are charts and text about the first name and last name, and information about the specific county (demographics, economic conditions), the 1930 census, etc.

I will have more information on this website tomorrow.

My opinion is that this website provides free information about individuals and families from a limited number of freely available record collections.  FREE is good for all of us. The challenge for the website is to add sufficient record collections so that it becomes a "go-to" site for researchers.

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Unknown said...

This site appears to ONLY have US records. Pretty useless if you don't have any US ancestors ...

T said...

My result was a totally different name, location and year from what I searched. Totally useless for that. My other search turned into How Many Links Can I Have Open? I gave up that chase. Think I'll give it a pass.

Anonymous said...

As far as total collections, they have a long way to until the are at the same level as the big guys (Ancestry, Family Search, etc.) However, I have found some collections on here that I haven't been able to find anywhere else.

It seems like they do have a lot of interesting data about the town, name, and era that I haven't seen on other sites, and it's totally FREE. Also, all of their charts seem to be embeddable, which is great if you're a blogger or run your own site. Very interesting site, looking forward to exploring more

Anonymous said... and is a fraudulent website that steals your identity and also for identity thieves. I have emailed both websites and requested to be removed and they will not resond nor remove my info! I have reported these websites to the authorities, FTC, FBI and State Attorney General. I have done a lot of research and turned that over to the authorities along with many complaints concerning their fraudulent activities