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Free Genealogy Courses on Ancestry Academy

Ancestry Academy launched in mid-April, and I described their offerings in Ancestry Academy Launched Today (16 April 2015).

Ancestry Academy ( offers 21 different courses as of today, with more planned in the coming months.  Some of the courses are free, but most are on a subscription plan.

The six FREE courses offered are all about products - they discuss and demonstrate how to use the products Ancestry offers.  The six course currently offered for FREE include:

1)  DNA 101: An Insider's Scoop on AncestryDNA Testing (with Anna Swayne):

"What is DNA testing? What do I do with the results? Learn how new capabilities with DNA can leverage the vast resources on to help you make amazing new discoveries about your family story. Beginner, intermediate, and expert genealogists will benefit from learning about the latest in DNA technology. "

2)  Getting the Most Out Of Family Tree Maker (with Duff Wilson):

"Turn your family history into a lasting legacy with Family Tree Maker. This course teaches the basics of how to get started with Family Tree Maker, and includes an introduction to every workspace in the program. It also includes a number of advanced topics, so whether you’re new to Family Tree Maker or you've been using it for many years, this course will be useful for you."

3)  Digging for Answers With Find A Grave (with Michael Lawless):

"Find A Grave is the world's largest website devoted to memorializing the loved ones who came before us and their graves. Come take a cemetery walk with Michael, learn how to further your family research and become an active contributor of Find A Grave."

4)  You Found What in the 1940 Census? (with Anne Gillespie Mitchell):

"In the 1940 census you expect to find your ancestors and their relationships to one another. But there is a wealth of other information on the image that will reveal to you what your ancestor’s life was like in 1940. Were they rich or poor and what did they do for a living? Where did they live and who were their neighbors? And there may be clues in there that reveal where they were before they came to America. Spend some time with us and learn what you might have missed on the 1940 census."

5)  Your Family History Online: Laying the Foundation (with Anne Gillespie Mitchell):

"Let us show you what you should be looking for and how to build a tree that you feel confident about. A slow and steady approach will help you find your ancestors and learn their stories along the way."

6)  Finding Your Military Veterans on Fold3 (with Krista Hegerhorst):

"Fold3 is a great resource to discover historic military documents and can be used to learn and share the story of the veterans in your family tree. In this course you will study the fundamentals and guidelines to successful searching and browsing on Fold3, as well as the value of different types of military documents and what information they can provide. We will delve into the different military records and talk about the fun facts you might find while researching the veterans in your family."

Each of these courses has a series of program segments on a specific aspect of each topic.  In this way, a user can start and stop the course as s/he desires.  The segments ca, of course, be run through in succession.

One realistic use of these free courses is as an hour-long (approximately) genealogical society program or workshop.  Granted, they are working with Ancestry-specific products, but many genealogists and family historians use products every week.

I anticipate that Ancestry Academy will provide free courses on their other products -,, the App and perhaps other topics like Searching, Using Hints, etc.

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