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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Golden Wedding Anniversaries

Calling all Genea-Musings Fans: 

 It's Saturday Night again - 

time for some more Genealogy Fun!!

Here is your assignment if you choose to play along (cue the Mission Impossible music):

1)  After I wrote my blog post yesterday about the newspaper article for my second great-grandparents golden wedding anniversary, I thought to myself "Self, that would be a good SNGF topic."

2)  So - the challenge today is to findo ut which of your ancestors have celebrated a golden wedding anniversary - 50 years of marital bliss (?).  Was there a newspaper article about it?

3)  Share your results in your own blog post, in a comment to this blogp ost, or on Facebook or Google+.

Here's mine (back to 4th great-grandparents): 

1)  Seaver line:

*  Frederick Walton Seaver and Betty Carringer, married 1942, Fred died in 1983:  only 41 years
*  Frederick Walton Seaver and Alma Bessie Richmond, married 1900, Fred died in 1942: only 42 years.
*  Frank Walton Seaver and Hattie Louisa Hildreth, married 1874, Hattie died in 1920:  only 46 years.
*  Isaac Seaver and Lucretia Smith, married 1852, Lucretia died in 1884: only 32 years.
*  Benjamin Seaver and Abigail Gates, married 1817, Benjamin died in 1825; only 8 years.
*  Benjamin Seaver and Martha Whitney, married 1783, Benjamin died in 1817; only 34 years.

2)  Carringer line:

*  Lyle Lawrence Carringer and Emily Kemp Auble, married in 1918, Lyle died in 1976:  married 58 years!
*  Henry Austin Carringer and Abbie Ardell Smith, married in 1887, Della died in 1944; married 57 years!
*  David Jackson Carringer and Rebecca Spangler, married in 1851, Rebecca died in 1901; married 50 years!
*  Henry Carringer and Sarah Feather, married 1825, Sarah died in 1848; married 23 years.
*  Martin Carringer and Mary Hoax, married 1784, Martin died in 1835; married 51 years.

3)  Richmond line:

*  Thomas Richmond and Julia E. White, married 1868, Julie died in 1913; married 45 years.
*  James Richmond and Hannah Rich, married in 1845, Hannah died in 1911; married 66 years!!!
*  John Richman and Ann Marshman, married in 1811, Ann died in 1856; married 45 years.

4)  Auble line:

*  Charles Auble and Geoergianna Kemp, married in 1898, Charles died in 1916; married 18 years.
*  David Auble and Sarah G. Knapp, married in 1844, David died in 1894; married 50 years!
*  John Auble and Anna Row, married in 1804, John died in 1831; married only 27 years.

Hmm, this is a bigger task than I thought!  So far, the "winner" is James Richman and Hannah rich at 66 years.  Of the 17 couples I checked, 6 of them had marriages of 50 years or longer.

I looked through my pedigree charts and found several others in 4th grandparents and more recent:

*  Amos Underhill and Mary Metcalf, married in 1801, Mary died in 1855; married 54 years.

*  William Knapp and Sarah Cutter, married in 1804, William died in 1856; married 52 years.

*  Alexander Sovereen and Elizabeth Putman, married in 1840, Elizabeth died in 1895; married 55 years.

*  Stephen Cutter and Tabitha Randolph, married in 1769, Stephen died in 1823; married 54 years.

*  John Kemp and Mary Dafoe, married in 1795, Mary died in 1850; married 55 years.

*  Frederick Sovereen and Mary Jane Hutchison, married in 1810, Mary Jane died 1868; married 58 years!

So out of the 63 couples back to my 4th great-grandparents, only 12 of their marriages lasted 50 years or longer.  

What about your ancestors?  Can you top 66 years?  Or 12 out of 63?

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Dorene from Ohio said...

Randy - Here is a blog post that has newspaper articles about my great grandparents'
25th and 50th anniversaries:

Diane Gould Hall said...

Randy - here is my blog post about 50 years of married bliss in my family. Only two couples in my group of 13 couples made it. Congratulations to them.

Carol said...

I did this one. I have 4. Started with Grandparents, went to Great grands and then, Great great grands.

kathy said...

I have 2 that went to 50 years and 1 went to over 60 years.

Lois Willis said...

I had 2 that went to 50 years and 2 that went over 60 years. Started with parents to 3x great grandparents.

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Wonderful idea! I'll have to look into that.

Onepony2002 said...

I was thinking that my ancestors were pretty long lived, but I had to go back to a pair of greatgrandparents on my mother's side, and 2nd greatgrandparents on my father's side to break 50. But my husband and I celebrated our 57th anniversary last Sunday. There wasn't an article in the newspaper, but I posted it on Facebook, the 21st century way.

Carrie Smith said...

Here is mine!