Thursday, November 5, 2015

Jeff Savage Won the Genea-Musings Contest for a RootsTech 2016 Registration

I opened my 2016 RootsTech 2016 registration contest on 22 Ocrober in Win a FREE RootsTech 2016 (February 3-6, 2016) Registration Here on Genea-Musings, setting a deadline on 2 November 2015.  

I had 15 entries that followed the rules, and on Tuesday evening I went to and put 15 in the maximum number field, pressed the button to create a random number between 1 and 15, and the winner was 13.

I numbered my 15 entries 1 to 15 from the reverse order that they contacted me, and the winner was JEFF SAVAGE.

Jeff's entry said:

*  He really wants to learn from the RT2060 presentation - Digging for Ancestors: Bureau of Land Management.

*  Jeff wants to visit the Genealogy Wall Charts exhibit in the Expo Hall - he wants to print out a chart while at RootsTech.

I have sent Jeff the certificate for his free RootsTech 2016 registration (a $249 value).  I look forward to meeting Jeff in the Media Center in February.

There are still contests for a free RootsTech registration - I just saw the Ancestry Insider announced his today - check out  He has a great contest idea - and it helps provide him blog fodder for the rest of the year!

There should be other contests by RootsTech Ambassadors soon - keep an eye out for them in your blog reader or on Facebook.

Note that I am a RootsTech Ambassador, and have a complimentary RootsTech registration provided by RootsTech.  I committed to providing blog posts of this contest, RootsTech announcements, events and my RootsTech experiences on a regular basis.  Heh, I would have anyway!

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