Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Some Recent Cousin Successes

Every once in awhile I am contacted by fairly close cousins who either found my Ancestry Member Tree, my Genea-Musings blog posts, or my AncestryDNA match.

The most recent ones are:

*  A William Knapp (1775-1856) and Sarah Cutter (1785-1878) (of Dutchess County, N.Y. and Newton, N.J.)  descendant, who is probably my 4th cousin.  She has not done a DNA test yet, but has a lot of information in her Knapp line that might help me find other DNA cousins.  Unfortunately, she doesn't know who William Knapp's parents are either.  I sent her a 4-generation descendants report to add to and/or edit.  I will also send her an Ancestors report for Sarah Cutter also.

*  A John Rich (1791-1868) and Rebecca Hill (1790-1862) (of Hilperton, England) descendant, who is probably my 4th cousin.  We match as 3rd-4th cousins on AncestryDNA and share a DNA Circle for John and Rebecca (Hill) Rich.

*  A Stephen Feather (1736-1804) (of New Jersey and Pennsylvania) descendant who is probably a 6th cousin.  I was able to provide the Revolutionary War pension abstract for her ancestor, John Feather.

*  A Quinton Pray (1595-1667) of Braintree, Mass. descendant who needed help sorting out her husband's Pray ancestry.  I provided a descendants report from Quinton Pray in an effort to help her.

*  Kathy (AKA The Down East Genealogist who writes the Pine Trees and Pedigrees blog) commented on my Surname Saturday post that we share Crispe ancestry.

*  An Ancestry member contacted me with a family Bible that has some of the Vaux family (a sibling of my ancestor) on the vital record pages.  She scanned them and sent the images to me.  We are probably 5th cousins.  They help add two generations on her line - more possible DNA cousins.

I love receiving email, and blog comments, and Ancestry mail about my ancestral families!  Cousin Bait works!

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Linda Stufflebean said...

Hi Randy, I saw your Crispe line and we are cousins, too. I share Kathy's Mary Crispe who married into the Green family.

Team Spice said...

I find it hard to figure out the DNA connections. Any advice?

Geolover said...

Heheheh, I am another Crispe cousin, through Deliverance and husband who were killed in 1694. It is a small world.

Warm holiday wishes.