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rootstrust 1.0 to be launched February 2016

I received this press release from RootsTrust several days ago - it's a new desktop family tree program under development:


rootstrust 1.0 to be launched February 2016

Atavus, Inc. announces that it will be releasing version 1.0 of its advanced, multi-platform genealogy system rootstrust in early February 2016. “Taking on board valuable input from a team of international beta testers over the past twelve months, we have invested another 2000 highly targeted programming hours to refining and improving the program’s functionality. The result is very stable and the import of GEDCOM files from FTM, TMG, and other programs can be achieved with relative ease and speed,” explains Brooke Nelson, founder of Atavus, Inc. and developer of rootstrust. “Formal release is scheduled in Salt Lake City at Rootstech 2016. Please visit us at our booth.”

rootstrust is a software system designed to manage genealogy data. It is one of the few genealogy programs that can be operated on the Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems. It is written in Java and the same program runs on all three operating systems. The database is also independent of the operating system, enabling users to access and preserve genealogy data regardless of the computer they may be working on. The database can be synced with the Cloud.

rootstrust can be downloaded onto Windows, Mac, or Linux PCs or it can be run on a specially formatted USB device to enable full portability of the program and database across computers and operating environments.

Key features of rootstrust include:

  • Flexibly displays information, allowing users to switch back and forth between 9 data views.
  • Includes informational files, “how to” videos, and context sensitive help.
  • Unicode international character set supports most of the world's languages.
  • Provides advanced tools including relationship calculator, gravestone calculator, Soundex generator, Roman to Arabic numeral converter and 8 exotic date converters.
  • Documents biomedical information and DNA haplotypes.
  • Time-saving data entry through event sharing.
  • Generates a full range of charts and reports.

About Atavus, Inc.: Atavus, based in Sterling, VA, was founded in February 2013 to commercialize rootstrust. The founder, Brooke Nelson, is a veteran software developer and genealogist. Nelson began developing rootstrust for his own use in 1999 to address unmet needs in the market for commercially available genealogy software. His vision was to create a system that provided Unicode support, event sharing, the ability to define relationships between persons that are not relatives, and the facility to link places that are historically related to one another such as New York and New Amsterdam. Most importantly, he wanted to be able to move the program and / or the database and the document and multimedia image files that are linked to the database without permanently breaking the linkages.

Interested persons should visit:


I visited rootstrust, and read all of the linked pages, especially the 9 views link (  Here are three of the 9 Views:

*  The Person View:

*  The Family View:

*  The Ancestor View:

The other Views are:

*  Descendant View
*  Source View
*  Repository View
*  File Cabinet View
*  Place View
*  Venue View

The "Details" page ( has an alphabetical list of program features and capabilities.  There are links on this page to 19 demonstration videos on YouTube (see all at

I have not downloaded the program for my own evaluation yet.  There is a free 30-day trial for the program.  The license fee will be $25 until it goes up to $45 in early 2016, according to the website.

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T said...

Is anyone else overwhelmed by all the genealogy programs? I have downloaded several but it will take me a year to evaluate them all. The special offers that so many have given us are great but I'm not ready to choose. As long as my family tree software works I don't need to decide right away. I do like a web/computer combo that syncs but the more I use some of the desktop software programs, the only reason I can see for a web sync is cousin bait. Within the past few months I have uploaded a GEDcom on every free site I could find. I don't know how useful that has been but I am getting some nibbles. And having my DNA "out there" might be helping, too. I have removed it from but left it at GEDmatch and FamilyTreeDNA and have had more contacts since I did that than all the while I had it at ancestry. Hmm? Maybe the serious researcher are not looking at the ancestry matches? So many genealogy questions and now so many software options. I'm too old for this!

Wis Vet Headstone project said...

Hi Randy,

I did a review of the rootstrust program. It has some real promise. I checked out all of the videos on you tube, and it is explained very well. The best feature is the ability to add the non family members such as witnesses (who may be related at a later point), other names from a story, or from a news article, and adding the notes easily on where the people were found. It is always a quandary on what to do with those seemingly unrelated people.

I like the ability to use the Cyrillic keyboard, easily.

I like how on the pedigree chart the unproven relatives are noted in a different color.
Looks like a good program, with a lot of promise.

Nadine Guilbault
(a dear myrtle fan)