Saturday, January 2, 2016

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun (SNGF) -- Best Find of 2015, and Research Challenge for 2016

It's Saturday Night - 
time for more Genealogy Fun! 

Your mission, should you decide to accept it (cue the Mission Impossible! music) is to:

1)  What was your best research achievement in 2015?  Tell us - show us a document, or tell us a story, or display a photograph.  Brag a bit!  You've earned it!

2)  We all have elusive ancestors.  What research problem do you want to work on in 2016?  Tell us where you want to research and what you hope to find.

3)  Put the answers in your own blog post, in a comment to this blog post, or in a Facebook or Google+ post.  

Here's mine:

I wrote about my best ancestral discoveries in 2015 in My Best Ancestral Genea-Discoveries of 2015 so I won't repeat them here.  There was no real BIG discovery - no new ancestral line, no breakthrough on a brickwall ancestor.  The ones listed in the post fall into the category of enriching my family history by finding probate, land, military, newspaper, church, and vital records for my ancestral families.  

For 2016, I anticipate doing much of the same, both online and at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City in February.  In the process, I may get a breakthrough on a brickwall ancestor, or perhaps another researcher will find my blog posts and be able to extend one or more lines. 

I don't anticipate being able to travel much to do onsite research in 2016 due to my and Linda's health and mobility limitations.  I want to return to Massachusetts again to do onsite research, especially at the NEHGS and in local libraries, historical societies and cemeteries.  I want to go to southern Ontario again to do onsite research on my Kemp and related lines.  I also want to visit northern New Jersey to try to find information about my Auble and Knapp and related lines.  

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Yvette Hoitink said...

I've spent a significant part of 2015 working on my portfolio to submit to the Board for Certification of Genealogists. Finishing some of the portfolio elements is my biggest achievement of 2015, and I hope that finishing the rest and submitting the thing will be my biggest achievement of this year.

Later this week, I will be flying to SLC for the first time in my life to attend SLIG and do some research for my portfolio. I hope to find evidence for a long-standing brick wall that is generation 1 in my Kinship Determination Project. Since the article focuses on his descendants, I don't *need* to solve it, but it would be wonderful if I did!

Steph said...

Magda said...

What was your best research achievement in 2015?

I had three MAJOR research achievements this past year.

1) I discovered relatives that survived WWII in Poland. They are my Grandmother's first cousins. It happened when I was frustrated, googling and a family web site came up on MY HERITAGE. I subscribed to MY HERITAGE (via a Thomas McEntee special)and an amazing exchange of family history still goes on between Poland and USA. I was also able to access transcribed records on the same family by another distant relative on Rootsweb. Now I ordered microfilms from Poland to keep the research flowing for 2016.

2) We all have elusive ancestors and mine were my JONES ! My elusive ancestor was Annie Jones (my great-grandmother from Ireland). This past summer, Catholic records were released online at National Library of Ireland and I located not only Annie Jones's baptismal record but her siblings.

)My One Name Study: Lots of contacts have emailed me and I now have a Guild-sponsored website :

Should be a blooming 2016 !

Janice M. Sellers said...

I've also written earlier about my big research achievement in 2015. I have three big things I'm hoping to find answers for during 2016.

Xfaith said...

Seeds to Tree said...

This is one of my favorite Saturday posts. Here is a link to my top 2015 genealogical discoveries: