Friday, February 5, 2016

My Day 3 at RootsTech 2016 - Photos

I only have time tonight (it's 11:30 p.m. here in SLC) to post photos  with very brief captions:

1) Findmypast has a wall of marriage photos submitted by genealogists.  I submitted mine and it is on the front of the wall - I'm pointing to it:

2)  Here is a photo of most of the front of the Findmypast wall of marriage photos.  Jack and Jackie Kennedy are the backdrop for the framed photos submitted by genealogists:

#0  Jen Baldwin of Findmypast helped put the wall together - her submitted photo is on the backside of the wall just above her head:

4)  Daniel Horowitz of MyHeritage took a selfie with me:

5)  Eric Jelle of Genedocs took a selfie with me:

6)  The Video booth at the Media Hub was busy today - scheduled every 20 minutes.  Here is Angela Walton-Raji with several friends:

7)  I got a photo f Amy Johnson Crow and Devon Noel Lee:

8)  Elizabeth O'Neal (Little Bytes of Life blog) and her daughter came by the Media Hub:

9)  James and Ann Tanner stood still for a minute - I love James' shirt!

10)  The Ancestry Insider and Leland Meitzler ( posed for this photo in the Media Hub:

11)  MyHeritage threw a wonderful after-party tonight at the Marriott Hotel - here are DearMYRTLE and Thomas MacEntee (the emcee of this shindig) wearing their tiaras:

12)  Thomas was one of the karaoke singers with a lady singing Proud Mary (emulating Ike and Tina Turner):

13)  David Lambert won my vote for best performance by a genealogist - I don't recall what he sang but he did a great job!  Who knew?

And now it's Bedtime for Randy.... zzzzzzzz


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Michigan Girl said...

Thanks for the great photos Randy. Maybe one day I can come up there for RootsTech.