Thursday, February 4, 2016

My Day 2 at RootsTech 2016 - Part 2: Photos

I seem to go into every day at RootsTech with a goal of taking a lot of photographs and then end up with very few - I think I took 18 today, and some were duplicates.

Here are some of my photos from Day 2:

1)  In Hall D before the Keynote session, each seat had a patient's mask and we weren't sure the reason.  I modeled mine:

During Steve Rockwood's talk, he mentioned that we family historians are all "heart doctors of the family."

2)  I took a photograph of Sonia Meza, a geneablogger from Spain, before the Keynote session began:

3)  During Steve Rockwood's Keynote, he mentioned a number of feelings that stories can express:

4)  The first picture I took in the Expo Hall was the backside of the 50 foot wide and 30 foot tall wall chart:

This was very imaginative, and shows lines of descent for several persons that stretch for tens of generations.  I need a shot of the front of the wall too.

5)  While on the podium at the MyHeritage luncheon, I took a picture of some of the crowd:

6)  True Lewis and Amie Tennant came by the Media Hub in the afternoon, and we took a selfie picture.

Aren't they pretty?  Smart and fun too!

7)  We all got to meet Tony Proctor in person when he was interviewed by Pat on the DearMYRTLE Ambush Cam in the Media Hub:

8)  There were geneabloggers in and out of the Media Hub all day long.  Here are three of the Canadian geneabloggers smiling for the camera - Christine Woodcock, Kathryn Hogan and Mike Quackenbush:

That's all for today.  I will try to have more photos on Friday and Saturday.


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Amie Bowser Tennant said...

Randy you charmer! So glad to be here at RootsTech with you!