Saturday, February 6, 2016

My Day 3 at RootsTech 2016 - Activities

Day 3 (Friday 5  February) was a busy day at RootsTech 2016 for everyone,and I ran out of time to write about it yesterday.  Here is a condensed version:

1)  Linda had a one-day pass ($19) that enable her to attend the Keynote and the Expo Hall.  We sat in the first wheelchair row back from the stage and next to DearMyrtle.  This worked out really well.

2)  The Keynote presentations were "just OK" in my opinion.  I thought that Naomi and Josh Davis were interesting but not overly inspiring.  David Isay was inspiring and I like the idea of audio stories being saved at the Library of Congress.

3)  After the Keynotes, we went to the Expo Hall and I took some pictures and started to update the RootsTech Compendium post (RootsTech 2016 Conference Blog Compendium - UPDATED!) but got sidetracked with conversations in the Media Hub.  I did get out and take some photos around the hall - you can see many of the photos in My Day 3 at RootsTech 2016 - Photos.  Linda and I got to the lunch line a little too late and had to endure 30 minutes to get a sandwich.

4)  Linda went off around the Hall again, and I tried to finish the blog compendium.  I finally did at 3 p.m.  I took Linda to see Janet Hovorka at the Family ChartMasters booth, to the Legacy Family Tree booth to see Ken McGinnis, and to the Findmypast exhibit to see the marriage photograph wall with my parents on it.  At 3:30, I took Linda back to the hotel and then hotfooted it back to go to my meeting with MyHeritage at 4 p.m.  After that, I returned to the Media Hub and packed up, and went back to the hotel.  

5)  We left at 6 p.m. for dinner at BJs, and then went down to the Marriott Hotel for the MyHeritage After Party.

6)  The MyHeritage After Party was a blast.  There were drinks, hors d'oevres, desserts, games, and music, plus lots of table conversation with folks in attendance.  We had our pictures taken at the photo booth.  We were all given 5 raffle tickets and could obtain more by participating in the games.  There were raffle drawings every 30 minutes, with an iPad and several Kindles as the big prizes.  The big hit was the karaoke floor, where attendees could sing and gyrate as they wished to tunes of their choice.  The King of Karaoke this night was David Lambert who did a great job on his song.  Jen Alford, Drew Smith, Thomas McEntee, Thom Reed and a number of others did this.  

7)  We left at 10:40 p.m. and I pushed Linda in the wheelchair back to the hotel.  Since I hadn't done any real blogging all day, I wrote the Photos post and decided to leave this post until Saturday.

Once again, I did not attend a class due to all of the other time demands.


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