Saturday, February 6, 2016

My Day 4 at RootsTech 2016 - Photos

Day 4 at RootsTech was very busy as always, and now I have a deadline to meet - I have to go meet my wife at 4 p.m. so the commentary will be terse.  Here are some of the photos I took on Day 4:

1)  Before the Keynote session started, Becky Jamison and James Tanner joined me for a photo taken by another attendee on Becky's phone:

2)  Doris Kearns Goodwin gave a 45 minute lecture on her work and the Presidents she has written books about:

3)  In the Expo Hall, I wanted a photo of the front of the large 50 foot wide wall at Genealogy Wall Charts exhibit:

The guy climbing the wall is in the picture, not an actual person.

4)  I talked to Caroline Pointer and Linda McCauley at the Federation of Genealogical Society exhibit:

5)  Janet Hovorka's Family ChartMasters exhibit was always busy.  They have so many beautiful charts!

6)  Jennifer Alford and Terri O'Connell were at the In-Depth Genealogist display in the Expo Hall:

7)  David Lambert, the Chief Genealogist at NEHGS in Boston, has a lot of wonderful books on display at their exhibit:

8)  Diahan Southard was presenting on DNA at Lisa Louise Cooke's Genealogy Gems exhibit;

9)  Had a nice conversation with the Erin Henry ans Keiko Faupula of Scribbit, which was one of the semi finalists of the Innovator Showdown at RootsTech:

That's it from the Expo Hall.  We have the Geneabloggers after party tonight, so I will post photos from that sometime, probably after we return home on Sunday.


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