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Treasure Chest Tuesday - Ichabod Kirby (1705-1793) Family Vital Records

Yes, I know it's supposed to be Treasure Chest Thursday, but I can't help it - I want to share some of the goodies that Susanne shared with me - see A Kirby Family Genealogical Windfall From Susanne (17 March 2016).

Today's treasure is two pages of family vital records from the Ichabod Kirby (1705-1793) (1740-1832) family.

[image 1]

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The transcription of these two pieces of paper is:

[image 1]

A memorandum of the births and deaths of Ichabod and Rachel Kirby
And births of their Children

Ruhammah Willbor Deceased October the 12th day 1807

Phebe Kirby Deceased January the 14th Day 1809

John Kirby Deceased November the 19th Day 1809
and he lived 75 years 10 months and 7 Days

Rachel Kirby Deceased June the 6th Day 1818

Martha Kirby Deceased may 27th 1828

David Kirby Deceased February 10th 1832

Martha Kirby born October 11 1743

[image 2]

Lydia Allen born June the 1 Day 1700

Phillis born february the 24 Day 1702

Joseph born April the 27 Day 1704

Rachel born July the 17 Day 1708

Elizabeth born March the 3 Day 1710

A Coppy of the Reccord

Ichabod Kirby Son of Robert Kirby was born December the 31st Day 1705
The above said Ichabod Kirby Deceased February the 11th Day 1793
And he lived 89 years 2 Months and 11 Days

Rachel Kirby Wife of Ichabod Kirby was born July the 17th Day 1708
The above said Rachel Kirby Deceased May the 12th Day 1801
And she lived 92 years 9 Months and 25 Days

John Kirby Was born January the 5th Day 1734

Ruhammah Kirby Was born may the 9th Day 1737

David Kirby was born August the 16th day 1740

Rache Kirby was born the 21st Day of April 1747

Here is a source citation for the birth date of Ichabod Kirby (using the RootsMagic source template for "Family papers, non-Bible (privately held)):

Ichabod Kirby Family Papers (loose papers on scrapbook page, created after 1801 by unknown persons), digital image of loose papers privately held by Susanne Nisbet, [address for private use], Wake Forest, N.C., 2016 (7th great-grandchild of Ichabod Kirby); Ichabod Kirby birth date, 1705,  on handwritten list of birth/death dates of Ichabod Kirby family members; Provenance is David Kirby family of Westport, Mass. ca 1801 to Susanne Nisbet 2016, provided to Randy Seaver March 2016 via email.

There are several dates on this list that are new to me, and are probably new to every Ichabod Kirby descendant, including:

*  Birth date of Ichabod Kirby (1705-1793)
*  Death date of Rachel (Allen) Kirby (1708-1801)

*  Death date of David Kirby (1740-1832)
*  Death date of Rachel Kirby (1747-1818)

Note that Ruhammah Wilbor is the wife of Ebenezer Wilbor, Phebe Kirby is the wife of John Kirby, and Martha Kirby is the wife of David Kirby.

This record for the birth and death dates of the family members of the Ichabod and Rachel (Allen) Kirby family is a Derivative Source - it is obvious that it is written in one hand, and must have been written after the last date noted in 1801.  The record is Secondary Information, since it was not written contemporaneously with the events (except perhaps for Rachel's 1801 death).  The record is Direct Evidence of birth and death dates since they are exact.  That doesn't mean they are correct, but those that are not new do agree with published vital records.  In this case, these new records are better than the former "about 1710" estimates that I (and other researchers) previously had.

For more information about the family of Ichabod Kirby, see Amanuensis Monday - Post 312: 1788 Will of Ichabod Kirby (1705-1793) in Bristol County, Mass.


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