Thursday, March 24, 2016

My Ancestry Survey Responses

One of my morning emails today was from that said:

"As a valued Ancestry customer, your feedback is very important to us. Your opinions are essential to helping us understand and improve your experience with Ancestry. 

"Please take a minute to answer just a few questions about the Ancestry website."

I love surveys, so I figured this will be 8 or 10 questions, but I have all morning and I'll give Ancestry my valued opinion.

Well it was only two screens and three questions:

Screen 1)  

Q:  "How likely is it that you would recommend Ancestry to a friend or colleague?  1 = Not at all likely, 10 = Extremely likely."

A:  I selected 9, because I think that is them ost useful of all of the genealogy websites I use.

Screen 2)

Q:  What is it about your experience with Ancestry that makes you most likely to recommend us to a friend or colleague?"

A:  Quality and quantity of record databases and family trees. [I should have added: Hints and Suggested Records, Ancestry DNA matches, and frequent addition of new databases.]

Q:  What one thing could we do to improve your experience using Ancestry?

A:  Add a chromosome browser to AncestryDNA. [I should have added: an ability to compare my chromosomes with those of my matches. I also should have added:  Rank Family Tree matches by number of non-tree source citations and attached records.]

So what would you have answered?  How valuable is to you, and do you recommend it to your colleagues?  What are the very best features of for you?  What would you like to see improve?


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Densie said...

I had the same answers!

DanniDoodle said...

I gave them an 8, because FamilySearch is also great and best of all free! To improve my experience I would like the ability to link AncestryDNA to multiple trees. I have a private tree that is my work in progress and 2 public trees - maternal side and paternal side - with verified information. It would be nice to link my DNA to both of the public trees.

Carol K said...

I wish they would pay attention to the information given in the search form. If the person dies in 1652, the likely hood they will be in the 1900 census is pretty slim. If they also were born married and died in the USA, the likely hood they were ever in the 1901 UK census also slim. Why waste my time and effort going through any census records? If they never married, why marriage records?

These are just a few of my problems with!

Unknown said...

I gave them a 7, so didn't even get the question about what would make me most likely to recommend them to a friend. My answer to the "improvement" question was similar to Carol's: if I specify search parameters, I want them honored. If I'm searching for someone in the 1900 census for South Carolina, for example, don't waste my time by giving me entries in the 1900 census for Tennessee!