Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mocavo Resources are Moving to Findmypast - Today!

I received this information, as a Mocavo subscriber, via email from Mocavo this morning:


Mocavo is moving to Findmypast
We’re contacting you to let you know that the Mocavo website will be closing at midnight today (Wednesday 23rd March) and that your account will be moving over to Findmypast in the next few days. Plus, over the coming weeks, all of Mocavo’s records and much, much more will soon be available on Findmypast.
Find out more

What do I need to do?
Your Mocavo account details will automatically be moved onto Findmypast. As you already have a Findmypast account, we’ll add 30 days to your subscription completely free as a little welcome gift. You'll receive more information about this in a follow-up email after it’s been applied.
Find My Past
What's great about Findmypast?
Findmypast is the perfect place to dig further back into your family’s history and here's why.
1.5 million UK BMD Records: The largest online collection of UK parish records anywhere
100 Million US marriage Records: The only place you’ll find 360 years of marriage records that include more than 450 million names
110 million Irish Parish Records: The largest collection of Irish records available anywhere online (over 300 million names)
1939 register – 41 million records: The only place you can access this Wartime Domesday Book
100 Million Travel Records: Trace your English, Irish and Australian ancestors in our migration records and passenger lists.
3 Million England & Wales Crime Records: The largest online collection of UK crime & punishment records (1779-1936)
13 Million British & Irish Newspapers: The largest online collection of searchable historic British and Irish newspapers
65 Million World Military Records: The most comprehensive online Naval collection, Royal Air Force collection and British Army service records
What about my Mocavo family tree?
If you have a tree, we'll be migrating it over to Findmypast and sending you a link for where you can access it shortly. But, if you can't wait, you can always export your GEDCOM file now. Just read the instructions below to find out how.
Click on the "Family Trees" tab at the top of the Mocavo homepage and select "My Trees" from the dropdown list.
On the page called "Settings & Preferences", click "Export" next to the tree(s) you wish to back up.
Click the "EXPORT GEDCOM" button to download your tree. This will be emailed to you - keep it safe and we'll be in touch with instructions on how to import it to FMP once your account has been migrated.

Export tree

Get in touch
You can contact our customer service team with any questions by email at


This was expected as soon as Findmypast bought Mocavo over a year ago.  More information about the merger of the two sites is available at

I think that this is an excellent move by Findmypast.  Mocavo has hundreds of thousands of small databases, mainly books, directories, etc. that are hard to find online.  When they are integrated into the Findmypast collections, the Findmypast search engines, and Record hints, will be very useful to find and these these resources to persons in my Findmypast family tree.  

I had several family trees on Mocavo, which are essentially the same as my Findmypast tree.  I will probably delete the Mocavo trees.

Note that this happens today at Midnight, probably UK time.  


Copyright (c) 2016, Randall J. Seaver

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1 comment:

bbarrier said...

Do you really think this is an improvement for those of us who used and greatly admired Mocavo? For those who have connections to Great Britain perhaps and who are working on family trees from Europe. However, to me Mocavo's great value--and what set it off from many similar sites--was its vast number of databases. I used it in research besides genealogy and all I had to do was type in a phrase or a location and find material that I never would have found otherwise.

And now where has that content gone? Will the databases still be there--they are not there yet. What about my hundreds of saved sites and texts from those databases? Will they be lost also? What about the efforts to do something with handwriting and scanning? I have been a user of Mocavo almost from its beginning and supported it strongly. Now unfortunately the new "combined" site seems just another family tree site. Right now it is useless. I hope I will be proved wrong about this feeling as time goes on.