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Treasure Chest Tuesday - Rachel (Allen) Kirby's Receipt for 1794 to 1801 Support

Yes, I know it's supposed to be Treasure Chest Thursday, but I can't help it - I want to share some of the goodies that Susanne shared with me - see A Kirby Family Genealogical Windfall From Susanne (17 March 2016).

Today's treasure is a receipt list documenting that Rachel (Allen) Kirby received items for her support after her husband, Ichabod Kirby (1705-1793) died.  See Ichabod's will in 
 Amanuensis Monday - Post 312: 1788 Will of Ichabod Kirby (1705-1793) in Bristol County, Mass.

The receipt list:

The transcription of this piece of paper is:

Receved in full for the first year to the 15'th of the 4'th mo 1794
witness Noah Gifford
Lovett Tripp

Receved in full for another ^year^ to the 15'th of the 4 mo 1795

Received in full for the third year to the 15'th of 4 mo 1796

Received in full for the forth year to the 15'th of 4 mo 1797

Received in full for the fifth year to the 15'th of 4 mo 1798

Received in full for the sixth year to the 15'th of 4 mo 1799

Received in full for the Seventh year to the 15'th of 4 mo 1800

Received in full for the Eigtht year to the 15'th of 4 mo 1801

attest Lovet Tripp

The source citation for this receipt is:

Ichabod Kirby Family Papers (loose papers on scrapbook page, created after 1801 by unknown persons), digital image of loose papers privately held by Susanne Nisbet, [address for private use], Wake Forest, N.C., 2016 (7th great-grandchild of Ichabod Kirby); Rachel (Allen) Kirby receipt, 1794-1801; Provenance is David Kirby family of Westport, Mass. ca 1801 to Susanne Nisbet 2016, provided to Randy Seaver March 2016 via email.

This paper does not name who is attesting that they received their full measure each year.  However, another record indicates that Ichabod Kirby died 11 February 1793 and his wife, Rachel (Allen) Kirby, died on 12 May 1801.  My conclusion, based on the evidence at hand, including the will of Ichabod Kirby, is that this receipt is for the foodstuffs and other items that were to be provided to Rachel (Allen) Kirby to support her livelihood by her two sons, John Kirby and David Kirby.

Rachel Kirby, or one of her sons, must have kept this paper to be added to every year.  The first line for 1794 is in the hand of one person (perhaps Noah Gifford), and the other lines, for 1795 to 1801,  are in the hand of a second person (perhaps Lovett Tripp).

This paper did not make it into the Probate Estate File for Ichabod Kirby, which I photographed on 2 February 2016 at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.  Very few, if any, of the papers that Susanne has are in the estate file.

Papers like this are probably in the "trust but verify" mode - John Kirby and David Kirby were committed to provide support for their mother, and she signed this receipt so that her sons could prove in court, if necessary, that they had accomplished their task.


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