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Guardianship Records of Spendthrift Thomas Dill (1755-1838)

While I was searching for information for my 5th great-grandfather, Thomas Dill (1710-1761) two weeks ago on, I noticed that there was a probate estate file for my 4th great-grandfather, Thomas Dill (1755-1838) on in the Massachusetts, Wills and Probate Records, 1635-1991 database.  The index said a record was in Volume 15, page 5 in Barnstable County.  When I found that record in Volume 15, (for Barnstable, Probate and Guardianship Records, Vol. 14-17, 1763-1785), it was a probate docket index for him on page 5:

Thomas Dill's list of probate documents is on the right-hand page, the second one down from the top.  The docket says:

*  1821, Sept. 13, Guardian's Appointment, Volume 40, Page 145
*  1832, Oct. 29, Petition for Discharge of Samuel Freeman, Volume 259, Page 200*
*  1832, Oct. 31, Account of Samuel Freeman Filed and Allowed, Volume 52, Page 409
*  1832, Oct. 31, Bond of J.P. Atwood Filed and Approved, Volume 252, Page 43*
*  1832, Oct. 31, Letter of Appointment of J.P. Atwood, Volume 46, Page 0
*  1838, Oct. 31, Account of J.P. Atwood Filed and Allowed, Volume 61, Page 72
*  1826, Mar. 29, Guardian's Account, Volume 45, Page 196

I could not find the second and fourth items on the list in these records.  I did find the following:

1)  The 1821 Guardian's Appointment in Volume 40, Page 145 (right-hand page):

This document is almost unreadable.  Samuel Freeman was appointed guardian of  "Spendthrift" Thomas Dill.

2)  The 1826 Guardian's Account in Volume 45, Page 196 (middle of left-hand page):

Samuel Freeman filed his account for 1822 to 1826.

3)  1832 Guardian's Account of Samuel Freeman in Volume 52, Page 409 (middle of left-hand page):

Samuel Freeman filed his account for 1827 to 1832.

4)  1832 Appointment of Joshua P. Atwood as Guardian in Volume 46, Page 20 (left-hand page):

5)  1838 Account of Joshua P. Atwood in Volume 61, Page 72 (left-hand pages):

This account goes through 31 October 1838, so I think that Thomas Dill probably died before 31 October 1838.  I had only an estimate of after 1830 for a death date previously.

I will try to transcribe some of these pages in future blog posts.

Once again, did not index the principal person for each probate record - in this case they indexed the probate docket page for Thomas Dill (1755-1838).


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