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Making Progress on My Auble Cousins - Post 8: Nathan Auble's Descendants

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In this series of posts, I am discussing the challenges that I found with the heirs of Elizabeth Auble named in her 1893 will.

The third family line that was mentioned in Elizabeth Auble's will and codicils that I was unaware of was Nathan S. Auble (1820-1886).  The only mention of Nathan's family in the will was:

*  William Collingburg, grandson of Elizabeth Auble's brother, Nathan Auble.  He was bequeathed a trust of $500 and receive the principal and income from the trust when he turned 21.  I had no knowledge of Nathan Auble or any of his descendants before reading Elizabeth's will.

*  Frank Delly, half brother of William Collingburg.  He was bequeathed the trust given to William Collingburg should William die.  I had no knowledge of Frank Delly before reading Elizabeth's will.

1)  Nathan S. Auble (1820-1886) married Julia R. --?-- (1825-1876) in about 1843 and they had 7 children between 1845 and 1857; the family resided in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  They are enumerated in the 1850 and 1870 U.S. Census records.  The births, baptisms and deaths of several children are in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Church Records database on Ancestry.com.  Two children lived to adulthood and had families - Edward Newton Auble (1848-1921) and Mary Virginia Auble (1855-1915).  

2)  Edward Newton Auble married Minnie --?-- (1849-1912) and they had two sons, Nathan S. Auble (1869-????)  and Edward Auble (1871-1873).  The family resided in Philadelphia.  The son Nathan S. Auble married Margaret Devlin (?) (1872-1926), and had two sons, Edward (1902-????) and Nathan Joseph Epstein Auble (1906-1966).  The latter married Mahala Hall (1909-1995) and they had three children.

3)  Mary Virginia Auble (1855-1915) married (1) William Collenburg (1852-????) in about 1880, and they had one son, William Nathan Collenburg (1881-1943) - the one mentioned in Elizabeth Auble's will.  William Nathan Collenburg married Emma Bender in about 1912 and they had two children, William Collenburg (1916-????) and Doris Auble (1917-????).  Mary Virginia (Auble) Collenburg married George W. Delly (1857-before 1910) in 1884, and they had son Frank Ed Delly (1888-1916).  Frank Delly was also mentioned in Elizabeth Auble's will.  Frank Delly did not marry or have children.

4)  The bottom line is that I have followed the Nathan S. Auble line several more generations and have identified cousins and identified two of the heirs in Elizabeth Auble's will.  Here is a Descendants chart made using RootsMagic:

I made a descendants narrative report for this line, including sources, but it is 18 pages long, including 155 source citations.  


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