Thursday, July 14, 2016

Treasure Chest Thursday - Post 322: David Kirby Revolutionary War Service Summaries

It's Treasure Chest Thursday - time to look in my digital image files to see what treasures I can find for my family history and genealogy musings.

The treasure today is the Massachusetts Revolutionary War service summaries for David Kirby (1740-1832) of Dartmouth, Massachusetts:

There are three entries for David Kirby of Dartmouth, Massachusetts - here are the three snippets with their transcription:

"KERBY, DAVID, Dartmouth.  Private, Capt. Daniel Egrey's (Egery's) co., Col. Timothy Danielson's regt; company return dated Camp at Roxbury, Oct. 6, 1775."

"KIRBEY, DAVID.  Private, Capt. Manasseh Kempton's co., Col. Freeman's regt.; enlisted Sept. 27, 1777; discharged Oct. 29, 1777; service, 1 mo. 4 days, at Rhode Island on a secret expedition.  Roll sworn to in Bristol co."

"KIRBY, DAVID, Dartmouth.  Private, Capt. Luen Pope's co. of militia, which marched April 21, 1775, in response to the alarm of April 19, 1775, to Roxbury; service, 5 days; also Capt. Daniel Egery's co., Col. Timothy Danielson's regt.; muster roll dated Aug. 1, 1775; enlisted May 6, 1775; service 3 mos. 2 days; also, order for bounty coat or its equivalent in money dated Roxbury, Dec. 24, 1775."

The source citation for the last entry is:

Massachusetts, Secretary of the Commonwealth, Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War (Boston, Mass. : Wright & Potter Printing, 1896-1908), Volume 9, Page 315, David Kirby entry.

The third entry is usually what is quoted in the DAR and SAR applications for David Kirby of Dartmouth, Mass.  I have no doubt that the other two entries, with slightly different spellings of his surname, are for him also.  

Unfortunately, David Kirby never applied for a Revolutionary War Pension, although he was eligible to do so.

David Kirby (1740-1832) of Dartmouth, Massachusetts is my 5th great-grandfather; I am descended through his daughter, Sibel (Kirby) White (1764-1848).


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