Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tuesday's Tip - Use WorldCat.org to Find the Nearest Repository for a Book

This week's Tuesday's Tip is:  Use WorldCat.org to find the nearest repository for a specific book.

A reader emailed me asking where I found the book:

Dean Crawford Smith and Melinde Lutz Sanborn, The Ancestry of Eva Belle Kempton, 1878-1908 (Boston : New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1996).

I went to www.WorldCat.org, and put the book title in the search box:

 After clicking "Search everything" on the screen above, I saw the results:

I selected the first one from the list, and saw:

Further down the screen, WorldCat provides a list of the repositories that hold this book, listed by distance from your zip code (you need to enter it into the form):

There are five pages, about 29 entries, on the list.

The closest repository to me is Fresno County Public Library, about 325 miles away.  I think I read it at  the Family History Library in Salt Lake City many years ago.  I hope my reader is close to one of the listed repositories.

Have you used WorldCat.org to find repositories with genealogy books that you want to read?


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D. Taylor said...

I use WorldCat regularly. The "cite/export" feature assures consistent citation of books to whatever standard you decide upon. (I use Chicago.)

Also, Worldcat can provide all of the information you should need to identify a book for Interlibrary loan.

With a free account, you can create "lists," put books into those lists and move them to create a book workflow. Lists I use include:
Checked for on Internet
Available Locally
Ordered by Interlibrary Loan
Ordered at Family History Center
Available at Boston
Available at National Archives
Available at Allen County Library
Road Trip

It is an amazing resource. I have written about it several times in my Blog. http://blog.dtaylorgenealogy.com/search/label/WorldCat