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Amanuensis Monday - Post 339: Bond for Estate of John Metcalf (1622-1690)

enea-blogger John Newmark (who writes the excellent  TransylvanianDutch blog) started a Monday blog theme years ago called "Amanuensis Monday."  John offers this definition for "amanuensis:" 

"A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another."

The subject today is the last document of the probate record for John Metcalf (1622-1690) of Medfield, Mass.

The transcription of this document is:

[page 150, starting almost halfway down the page]

[in margin] BOND

Know all men by these presents that We John
Metcalfe of Medfield in the County of Suffolke Hus-
bandman, Thomas Metcalfe husbandman &
Jonathan Metcalfe Cooper both of Dedham in the
County afor????? within his Ma^tys Province of the
Massachusetts Bay in New England are holden
and stand firmly bound and obliged unto Will-
iam Stoughton Esq^r Judge of the Probate of Wills
& granting Admin???? within the s^d County
of Suffolke in the full sum of Three hun????
pounds currant money in New England to be
paid unto ???? William Stoughton his Successors
in the s^d Office or Assignes ???? ???? payment
whereof We do bind our selves heires Ex?????
jointly and severally firmly by these presents.
Sealed ???? ???? Dated the second day of December
Anno Domini 169? Annoq R.R. Gulielmi
Tertii Angliae ae nono.

The Condition of this present Obligation is such
that Whereas the above ???? William Stoughton
Esq^r Judge of Probate &c For that the Estate in
housing and Lands of John Metcalfe late of Med-
field afores^d husbandman deceased could not
be divided to and among all the Children of the
s^d dece^d without great prejudice to or apoyling of

[page 151]

the whole. In and by an order or Decree under his
hand and the seal of the Office of Probate in the
County of Suffolke aforesaid bearing even date with
these presents Hath ordered and assigned the
whole Estate of the s^d dece^d in Houses and Lands
mentioned in the Return of the Apprizers of Record
wherein the same are valued at One hundred
& Eighty pounds, with the members and appur-
tenances thereunto belonging, unto the above
bounden John Metcalfe Eldest son of the dece^d & to
his heires & assignes forever (Saving unto Mary
Metcalfe late Wife of the dece^d her Dower ???? Thirds
in the s^d Houses and Lands during the terme of
her natural life). The s^d John Metcalfe paying
to his Brethren and Sisters or their legal Repre-
sentatives the respective sums hereafter men-
tioned. That is to say To ???? Children of his
Brother Michael Metcalfe dece^d or their Guardian
the ???? Eighteen pounds, ten shillings and
eight pence in money. To his sister ???? ????
Ellice the sum of Fifteen pounds thirteen shillings
& eight pence ????. To his Brother Joseph Metcalfe
the sum of sixteen pounds ???? ???? eight pence
in money. And to his sister Experience Wheeler
the sum ???? ???? pounds, nine shillings &
eight pence in money. Or giving good ???? ????
pay the s^d several amounts his Brethren & sisters
before named or legal Representatives as afores^d
within the space of one yeare next in ???? To-
gether with allowance for the same in the interim
after the rate ???? six pounds pr Cent pr annum
as by the Act of the General Assembly ???? An
Act for for Setting and Distribution of the Estates
of Intestates is provided. The s^d John Metcalfe
also giving good security to pay further at is
upon the decease of s^d Mary late Wife of the
intestate as followeth. To the Children of his s^d
Brother Michael Metcalfe or their Guardian the
Sum of Fourteen pounds nine shillings and
ten pence. To his s^d Sister Elizabeth Ellice, his s^d
Brother Joseph Metcalfe and his s^d Sister Experience
Wheeler the like Sum of Fourteen pounds nine
shillings & ten pence each in money. To his

[page 152]

Sister Hannah Bullen the sum of Two pound
???? ten shillings and seven pence in money.
And to his sister Mary Ellice ???? ???? sum
of Eight pounds, seven shillings and ten pence
money ???? ???? by the s^d Order or Decree or
Record thereof, reference th ???? ???? will more
fully and at large appear. If therefore the ???? ????
bounden John Metcalfe his heires Executors or Admin^s
also ???? do well and truly pay or cause to be
paid unto the Children of his s^d Brother Michael
Metcalfe dece^d or their Guardians, and also unto
his other Brother and Sisters before named and
each and every one of them or to their legal Represen-
tatives or Assignes the dull Sum and Sums to
them respectively allotted as afores^d in and by the
s^d Order or Decree above mentioned in currant
money in New England at or before the time
or times therein set and prefixed for payment
of the same, Together with Interest after the rate
of six pounds pr Cent annum, According to the
true intent and meaning of the afore recited
order or Decree, and that without covern fraud
or further delay, Then the within written Obliga-
tion to be void and of none Effect. Or else to abide
& remain in full force and virtue if default
be made in any or either of the said payments.
Sealed and Delivered
in presence of John Metcalfe {seal}
Edward Mills Thomas Metcalfe {seal}
???? Furfrey Jonathan Metcalfe {seal}

The source citation for the entire probate file is:

Massachusetts, Wills and Probate Records, 1635-1991, indexed database with digital images, (, citing Suffolk County [Mass.] Probate Records, 1636-1899, "Probate Records, Vol. 1-2, 1636-1776," Volume 2, pages 146-152 (images 395-398), John Metcalfe of Medfield Estate, 1691.

John Metcalf (1622-1690) died intestate in Medfield, Massachusetts, which was then part of Suffolk county in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  His estate file in the Suffolk county probate records is 7 pages (on four images), containing an account, a summons to the widow, the widow's declining administration, and two bond statements.  

The above document is only the final bond statement filed by the heirs after his death.  Where information is missing, I have used "????."  The court clerk used "mss" or "msg" to indicate missing information.  The heirs named included:

*  John Metcalf of Medfield, husbandman, eldest son, administrator
*  Thomas Metcalf of Dedham, husbandman, bondsman
*  Jonathan Metcalf of Dedham, cooper, bondsman
*  Mary Metcalf, late wife of John Metcalf, deceased
*  Children of Michael Metcalf (brother to John)
*  Elizabeth Ellice (sister to John)
*  Joseph Metcalf (brother to John)
*  Experience Wheeler (sister to John)
*  Hannah Bullen (sister to John)
*  Mary Ellice (sister to John)

This bond document provides direction to the administrator as to how much money each heir will receive from the administrator, John Metcalf (son of the deceased John Metcalf), who was given the real property in this bond document.  This document was probably signed in the Suffolk probate court on 2 December 1697 since the earlier bond was dated 18 December 1696 with the requirement to file the account before 18 December 1697.

John Metcalf (1622-1690) and his wife, Mary (Chickering) Metcalf (1628-1698) are my 9th great-grandparents.  I descend through their son, Michael Metcalf (1650-1691), who married Elizabeth Bowers (1654-1724).


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