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Dear Randy: What is Your Workflow to Move Ancestry Member Tree Hints Into RootsMagic?

Jay commented on my post Adding Descendant Information the Easy Way - Post 3: Stimulating Hints in the Ancestry Member Tree (posted 31 August 2016).

"'I've been looking for a follow up telling us your progress on this effort. How is it going, and what is your work flow from the Ancestry hints to adding new information to your RootsMagic database? I am looking at various ways of doing this for all of the new information I have turned up with the shaky leaves."

That's a good question.  I no sooner posted that and then went away for to weekends for family events and have gotten bogged down on the Ancestry Hint resolution because of the volume of Hints (stimulating worked really well!), time conflicts (life, Padres baseball, football, etc.), and access to Ancestry Hints being sporadic in the evening.   I have three thoughts:

A)  My current workflow for using the Ancestry Hints in these descendant family trees is:

1)  Review all of the Hints for a person, one person at a time. 

2)  Compare the Hint information for the person with what is in my RootsMagic database.  

3)  Add events, dates, places, alternate names and relationships to persons in my RootsMagic database.  Pay particular attention to records that include family members that I don't have - for instance, a census record may list children.  

4)  Add source citations for each event for which I added content to my RootsMagic database.

5)  I do look at the Hints for Ancestry Member Trees that have additional family members - parents, siblings, spouses, and children.  I then research those persons in Ancestry and FamilySearch and add them to my RootsMagic database if I find conclusive records for the person - name, relationship, events, dates, places, sources, etc.  

6)  Accept or Ignore the Hints in the Ancestry Member Tree.

7)  Add or edit the new information in the FamilySearch Family Tree (for deceased persons only).

B)  Because we are less than four months from the time that RootsMagic said they would be enabling synchronizing with an Ancestry Member Tree, and for downloading the event, record and source citation directly to RootsMagic.   I think I may delay doing a lot of the Hint resolution until after the RootsMagic synchronization occurs, and modifying my work flow to:

1)  Synchronize my RootsMagic persons with my Ancestry Member Tree persons, one person at a time.

2)  Review the Ancestry Member Tree Hints for the person from within RootsMagic.

3)  Capture the Hint information from Ancestry in RootsMagic, adding events, names, dates, places, media and sources as required.  I may have to edit the place names and the source citations, but that is not an onerous task.

4)  Accept or Ignore the Hints in the Ancestry Member Tree (hopefully using RootsMagic).

5)  Add or edit the new information in the FamilySearch Family Tree (for deceased persons only).

Here is a screen mockup for what I hope will be available in RootsMagic to access persons in my Ancestry Member Trees:

C)  In the best of all possible worlds, RootsMagic will arrange to do similar processes for FamilySearch Record Hints, Findmypast Record Hints, MyHeritage Record Matches and other record provider websites.


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