Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Visiting Mary Smith in the Graveyard - Post 436 of (Not So) Wordless Wednesday

During our 2011 vacation to Springfield, Illinois and surrounding states, we had one day in Dodge County, Wisconsin  my Ranslow and Devier Smith home area.  I wrote about it in Day 10 on the Seaver Midwest Genealogy Tour (posted 15 September 2011).

Here are more of the photographs I took during our visit:

1)  On the way to Beaver Dam Library, we stopped at Burnett Corners Cemetery in Burnett.  I knew, from a Find A Grave memorial, that my Mary (Bell) Smith (1805-1865), the wife of Ranslow Smith, and adoptive mother of Devier J. Smith, was buried there.  Here is what the cemetery looked like from the roadside.

2)  I wandered about for awhile, staying close to the road and the central track into the cemetery, and found it relatively easily.  Except the sod/grass had overgrown part of the ground-level stone.  So I used my hands to tear some of the grass so I could see the entire stone.  Here's the view back to the street, with the Mary Smith stone in the foreground:

3)  Here is the gravestone for "Mrs. R. Smith:"

4)  The most interesting and historic grave in the whole cemetery was for a Revolutionary War soldier, Levi Holcomb (1763-1854).  Here is the monument that stands over the in-ground gravestone:

5)  The back side of Levi's monument:

Levi Holcomb is not my ancestor.  I hope that his descendants have found this monument on the Internet already.  If not, I hope they enjoy these photographs.  

Onward to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.


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