Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Responses to Kinship Report Post - Family Tree Maker Can Do It!

I had several helpful responses to my post Dear Randy: Can I Make a Kinship Report in RootsMagic? (posted 4 April 2017). 

1)  In email, Bob Bryan said:

"This came up recently in our user group meeting. The results you would like can be had but a couple of more steps are required.
  1. Generate the report
  2. Save as an .rtf file
  3. Copy and past into Excel spread sheet
  4. Then, sort on the relationship" 
2)  In email, Doug Greenhill said:

"Best I got in Family Tree Maker was to:
Start with SelfKinship ReportSelected IndividualsChoose AncestorsSet Number of Generations such as 3Check Include Ancestors' Descendants. Generations 3Click OKCheck Sort by Kinship"
3)  In comments, Lois Wilson offered:

"You can create a report similar to what you are wanting using Legacy Family Tree and Microsoft Excel. I have set up a post with instructions: Creating a relationship report using Legacy Family Tree and Microsoft Excel"

4)  Gaylon Findlay of Incline Software, maker of Ancestral Quest family tree software, provided a three-page report on how to do this.  It uses a Custom Report in AQ.  If you want a copy of it, please contact me.  

Thank you, Bob, Doug, Lois and Gaylon!  

I used to be able to use spreadsheets well, but I have only LibreOffice Calc (not Microsoft Excel) and cannot figure out how to make it do what I want it to do using the RootsMagic Kinship List in RTF format.  

I tried to use Family Tree Maker 2014.1 and succeeded using Doug's script!  I used the Relationship Reports > Kinship Report, and picked Ancestors > Selected Individuals > Set Number of Generations = 6 and Include Ancestors Descendants = 10.  I got 4,482 individuals.

When I clicked on "Sort by Kinship" I received a 129 page report sorted by Kinship Civil relationship metric order, with the closest persons listed first.  Here is an image of one page of the report:

I figured I could Save that Report, and then go in and edit it to identify specific groups, like 4th cousins.  I clicked the "Save" icon at the top right, and I think the file saved, but I couldn't figure out where it was saved, and I can't find them in my Family Tree Maker file directories.  Drat.

Well, Family Tree Maker worked well for this task.  Thank you, Doug!!  This is one reason I have three software programs on my desktop computer - one of them usually can do what I want to do without additional steps!  As always, figuring out the steps is the biggest problem.  


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