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Treasure Chest Tuesday -- 1876 Naturalization Record for T.S. Leland

This week's Tuesday Treasure is the 1876 naturalization record for T.S. [Torger Sjursen] Leland of Deerfield, Wisconsin.  

T.S. Leland's naturalization certificate is the one on the left.  The transcription of it is (with handwritten text in italics):

Be it remembered, That on this     13^th     day of the month of    April           
in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty    76   , and of the Independ-
ence of the United States the   100^th                       T. S.  Leland                                         
                             an alien, being a Free White Person, appeared before the   Circuit       
Court of the State of Wisconsin for Dane County, and applied to the Court to be
admitted to become a  Citizen of the United States;  and the said     T S Leland             
                                          having, more than two years ago, made declaration of his
intended application as aforesaid, in the manner and form prescribed in an Act of Congress
entitiled "An Act to establish an uniform rule of Naturalization and to repeal the Acts
heretofore passed on that subject;" and the Court being satisfied by the testimony of
                          L. J. Erdall     and    A Flom                                                         
citizens of the United States, that the said    T. S. Leland                                     
has resided within the United States for the continued term of five years last past, and
within the State of Wisconsin one year at least; and that during that time he has behaved
as a man of good moral character, attached to the principles of the Constitution of the United
States, and well disposed to the good order and happiness of the same; and the said appli-
can declaring on oath before the Court that he will support the Constitution of the United
States, and that he doth absolutely and entirely renounce and adjure all allegiance and fidel-
ity to every foreign Prince, Potentate, State or Sovereignty whatsoever, and particularly to
      Oscar 2^d     King of  Norway                                             
whereof he was before a subject.

Thereupon the Court admitted the said                    T. S. Leland                        
to become a Citizen of the United States.

The source citation for this record is:

T.S. Leland, Certificate of Naturalization, Page 349, Volume 10, Dane County (Wisconsin) Circuit Court; Naturalization Records, 1841-1954; Wisconsin Historical Society Archives, Madison, Wis.

Torger Sjursen Leland (1850-1933) was the son of Sjur Torgersen (1804-1889) and Brita Olsdtr (1818-1895), and the grandson of Torgeir Olsen (1753-1827) and Anna Sjursdtr (1772-1826).  Torger Sjursen Leland was born in Molster, Voss, Norway, and Sjur Torgersen was born in Tungeteigen, Voss, Norway.

The second naturalization record on the image above is for L. J. Leeland with the same, date, the same witnesses, and the same King of Norway.  I don't know for sure who this L.J. Leeland is.  I think he may be Lars Johannesen Erdahl (1839-1912) who married Anna Ivarsdtr Liland (1839-1922);  Anna Ivarsdtr Liland was the daughter of Ivar Torgersen (1812-1893) and Kari Larsdtr (1820-????); Ivar Torgersen was the son of Torgeir Olsen (1753-1827) and Anna Sjursdtr (1772-1826).  Ivar Torgersen was born in Tungeteigen, Voss, Norway also.

Therefore, Torger Sjursen Leland and Lars Johannesen Erdahl were first cousins, and their fathers were brothers.  Kari Larsdtr was born on Liland farm in Voss parish in Hordaland in Norway, and the Sjur Torgersen and Lars Erdahl families took the Leland in name in about 1876.

Torger Sjursen Leland married Anna Ellingsdtr Natvig in 1876 shortly after he became a U.S. citizen.  Torger and Anna (Natvig) Leland are my wife's great-grandparents, through their son Severt Oliver Leland (1878-1940).


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