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New Records Available To Search This Findmypast Friday, 14 April 2017

I received this information from Findmypast today:


New Records Available To Search This Findmypast Friday

There are over 1.1 million new records available to search this Findmypast Friday including;

British Columbia Estate Files Browse 1859-1949

British Columbia Estate Files contains over 783,000 records that allow you to delve through probate estate files pertaining to the judicial districts of British Columbia; the County Court and the Supreme Court. Probate estate records are a valuable resource for family history research, providing vital details such as dates, names, and locations to help grow your family tree. Included in this collection is a probate index for the district of Vancouver, sorted alphabetically by last name.

This collection is browse only. There are no transcripts. To find your ancestor, you will need to browse through the images. You can narrow results by year, document, court, and district. The amount of information you will discover may vary but most will reveal the deceased’s rank or profession, the date, location and cause of their death, when it was registered, the name of their physician, the signature, description, and residence of informant and any additional remarks. In some instances, full probate records may be available, including details of next of kin and the deceased’s estate. Estate details may involve an inventory and valuation list. Additional biographical information may also be recorded such as occupations.

Britain, missing beneficiaries and unclaimed estates 1910

Did your ancestor leave behind a significant estate or inherit a fortune from a distant relative? Britain, missing beneficiaries and unclaimed estates contains over 500 records from Dougal’s Index Register to Next of Kin, Heirs at Law and Cases of Unclaimed Money Advertisements from 1910. The publication looks specifically at properties or estates registered in chancery court, which have gone unclaimed because a deceased person did not create a will or did not have any known descendants. 

The book comprises lists of titles of causes in courts, index of names found in newspapers related to unclaimed estates, and stories of those individuals who were lucky enough to discover that they had inherited a handsome fortune from a person unknown to them.

The lists only provide an individual’s first and last name. It was the reader’s responsibility to apply to the publisher for the full advertisement at the cost of £1. The publisher claimed that this list has the means of giving a person the information necessary to recover money or property they otherwise would have never heard of.

Norfolk Archdeacon's Transcripts 1600-1812 Browse

Norfolk Archdeacon's Transcripts 1600-1812 Image Browse allows you to delve through 51 volumes of Archdeacon’s transcripts in their entirety. The collection contains over 76,000 records of baptisms, marriages and burials covering 32 parishes across the county.

Archdeacon’s transcripts are copies of parish registers that were sent to the archdeacon. Prior to 1812, all copies of registers were sent to the archdeacon. After 1812, the copies were sent to the bishop and became known as the bishop’s transcripts.

Norfolk Bishop's Transcripts 1687-1901 Browse

Browse through 123 volumes of images of original bishop’s transcripts from Norfolk Record Office to uncover details of baptisms, marriages and burials. Bishop’s transcripts are a valuable resource, especially in cases where original parish register were damaged or destroyed. 

The bishop’s transcripts are copies of original Norfolk parish registers. It was the responsibility of each parish to create copies of their registers to be sent to the bishop. The collection contains over 210,000 individual records.

Sussex Burials

Search over 2,000 new additions to our collection of Sussex burials to reveal your ancestor’s burial date, where they are buried and, in some cases, additional notes that may reveal their marital status, occupation, residence or relatives’ names.

The new additions cover the parish of Northiam in the valley of the River Rothe and consist of transcripts created by the Hastings & Rother Family History Society. The entire collection now more than 509,000 records, covers 237 parishes across the county and dates back as far as 1530.

Sussex Monumental Inscriptions

Over 2,000 additional records from the parishes of Herstmonceux & Friston have been added to our collection of Sussex Monumental Inscriptions.

Each record includes a transcript that will list the deceased’s birth year, age at death, death year, burial location, the number of individuals buried in that plot, details of the inscription on their headstone or memorial and the reference number. Inscriptions often reference other family members and close relatives were occasionally buried together.

British Newspapers

Over 48,000 new articles and two brand new titles have been added to our collection of historic British newspapers this month. This month’s new titles are The Shipping & Mercantile Gazette and The Rutland Echo & Leicestershire Advertiser.


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