Monday, May 1, 2017

Latest Family Tree Maker 2017 Update and FamilySync News

I forgot to check the Family Tree Maker Facebook group page and the Software MacKiev Support FTM 2017 page over the weekend.  There was an update on Friday evening:



Starting yesterday, we began rolling out FTM 2017 to 25,000 users worldwide in our Beta Test Drive Program. The initial feedback from our "Test Drivers" has been very positive. The group's composition was selected for the best chance of successful syncing.  In a departure from our usual confidentiality rules for beta testing, our test drivers are allowed to share their test driving experience publicly.

The beta Test Drive lasts 48 hours after which all drivers will go through an automated diagnostic analysis. If everything appears to be working as expected, the Test Drivers will be allowed to continue using their copies of FTM 2017 after the test drive is complete.  We are expecting 19 out of 20 test drivers to be able to sync successfully, and virtually all who want to continue using their test drive edition copies to be able to do so.

We will be able to read the results of the test drive over the weekend as assessment forms start coming in. We will lbe measuring syncing success, performance and stability. Additionally, Ancestry will be monitoring what happens when tens of thousands of Family Tree Maker users all get started using the new edition at the same time. We'll meet with Ancestry on Tuesday to decide whether to expand the test drive program or go for a general release. Stay tuned.

We will continue to post any updates here and on social media pages. For more information:


Family Tree Maker and appear to be making this work in a measured way, but it's taking awhile.  If it works well when they do open the floodgates, then the wait will have been worth it.

The reports I've seen on the Family Tree Maker Users Facebook group page indicates that the Beta Test Drive program is going well.

In other news, I received an invitation last week to be a Beta Tester - but when I applied they wrote back and said that they had enough, and I would be an Alternate and they would contact me when they need me.  That was OK with me - I have plenty of things to do!


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J Kay said...

I just spoke with Marlene at Ancestry she said that FTM and Ancestry were no longer connected and would not be able to sinc from FTM to Ancestry or Ancestry to FTM. Is this true? Does any one know what is going on?