Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Latest Family Tree Maker 2017 Update News (3 May 2017)

The Family Tree Maker Users Group page on Facebook has a link to this update on the Software MacKiev FTM 2017 Release, dated 3 May 2017:



Nearly all test drivers have completed their first 48 hour round of test driving, and we’re pretty pleased with the results. Here are the statistics so far:

• For performance, a majority found FTM 2017 faster than their previous edition:
       56%   Faster or Much Faster
       35%   About the Same
        9%    Slower or Much Slower
   ———— ———————————
     100%   Total

• Most test drivers (94.8%) reported being able to sync.

• Nearly all (98.2%) of test drivers elected to continue driving after the first 48 hours.

We are conducting tests with Ancestry engineers tonight to check modifications made for handling the largest trees. We are grateful for the participation of a volunteer beta tester with 270,646 people in her tree who agreed to stay up late to help (thank you, Tracy!) When these tests are complete we hope to be able to make a decision on a partial or full rollout. We’ll  announce that as soon as analysis of the results are available. Stay tuned.


I spoke today at our society meeting with two Beta testers;  one has had no problems syncing, the other cannot get a sync to finish.  They also showed me the FTM 2017 interaction with FamilySearch Family Tree, based on a Web Search in FamilySearch - the user can select information in either the FTM 2017 profile or the Family Tree profile and merge the data in the two profiles.  .  

Disclosure:  I have paid for Family Tree Maker 2017 in advance of the release of the software.  I have not done any beta testing of FTM 2017 yet.

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How much longer before Family Tree Maker 2017 is rolled out?