Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Dear Randy: How Do I Make a Bow-Tie Chart in MyHeritage?

Reader Debi recently asked in email:  " do I to get MyHeritage to do the bow tie chart of just direct ancestors so I can see  "grands" without all the cousins mucking it up?"

MyHeritage has a nice assortment of family tree charts - probably the best of the record providers.

Here is how I made a bow-tie chart (with my ancestors, my wife's ancestors, and our children) on the MyHeritage website using my MyHeritage online family tree:

1)  On my MyHeritage home page, I clicked on the "Family Tree" tab:

2)  I clicked on the "Print charts and books" on the screen above, to see the options for the "Charts and books":

At the top of the "Charts and books" screen above, I saw the choice of chart type.  The choices include:

*  Bow-tie
*  Close family
*  Ancestors
*  Descendants
*  Hourglass
*  Sun chart
*  Fan chart
*  All-in-one
*  Family book

I picked "Bow-tie" on the list above and the screen showed what the chart would look like.

There is also an "Advanced Customization Options" link to select Facts, Photos, Box Design, Fonts, Background Image, and more.

3)  Scrolling down the "Charts & books" page, I can select the Chart style.  There are 18 options for the bow-tie chart:

The user can see more chart types by using the right and left arrows on the chart style image line.

I picked Style #12 with pink and blue boxes for females and males, with the thumbnail photo included.

I picked "Years of birth and death" from the "Facts for individuals" dropdown menu, and picked 5 generations from the "Generations" > "Limit number of generations to" dropdown menu.  I chose to have the chart made as a "Single page" for the "Printing method" so I get a PDF file for printing a large poster.

4)  I clicked the orange "Generate chart" button at the bottom of the page, and saw:

The "Charts & books" page now says, in a green box:

"Your chart is being generated now.  This typically takes a few minutes.  When it is ready, you will receive an email to..."

It took several hours for MyHeritage to provide the email link to Download my PDF chart.  When they did, I opened it and here are several views of it (3 screens, no overlap):

This file with six generations of ancestors is 819 kb in size, and is about 28 inches wide and 46 inches high in full scale.  I could print it out on 8.5 x 11 paper from Adobe Reader, or take the file to a printer with a wide printer, or send it to a chart printing company.

Even though I explicitly asked for thumbnail photographs, they did not show up on the chart for some reason.  I don't have a photo for every ancestor, but I have some and they didn't appear.


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