Monday, October 16, 2017

RootsWeb Surname List and Golden Gate Genealogy Forum Disappearing on 24 October

I went to the Rootsweb home page today and saw this banner at the top of the page:

The notice says that Ancestry/Rootsweb will be discontinuing two services on 24 October:

1)  The Rootsweb Surname List (RSL) (

This site still works, but I doubt that it hasn't been updated for years.  Both of my email addresses ares wrong there.

2)  Golden Gate Genealogy Forum (

I couldn't get anything on this site to work.

If you have anything on these sites and want to retrieve it, you should do so before 24 October.


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Drew Smith said...

Fortunately, you can get to pretty much all of the Golden Gate Genealogy Forum content through the Internet Archive.

Marian said...

Thanks for the warning, Randy! When I used the WorldConnect site ( a few days ago, it asked me to complete a survey, mainly about my experience and how often I use the site. It occurred to me that Ancestry was considering dropping that site, too. If others value it, I suggest using it, at least enough to complete the survey.