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Treasure Chest Tuesday - 1848 Public House License for Alexander Whittle in Sydney, NSW

This week's Tuesday Treasure is the Public House license granted to Alexander Whittle in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia dated 21 June 1848:

The transcription of this record is:

                                       R????? Branch, Colonial Treasury
                                                                 Sydney, 21 June 18 48

LICENSE to Retail Fermented and Spiritous Liquors, issued in favor
of  Alex^r Whittle                   , for the House
known by the Sign of  the Lancashire Arms 
at Sussex S^t & Union Lane
from 1 July 1848 to 30th June 1849.

Amount of Duty received £  30

Certificate of the above-mentioned

being a fit Person to keep a Public House granted by

                                         M. A. Holden  Justice of the Peace

Assembled at  Sydney
       on the  day of  May   18 48

The source citation for this record is:

"New South Wales, Australia, Certificates for Publicans' Licences, 1830-1849, 1853-1899," indexed database with record images, Ancestry.com (http://www.ancestry.com : accessed 27 May 2011), 1848, #206, Alexr Whittle public house license;  citing Butts of publicans’ licences, 1830-1849. NRS 14401, reels 5049-5062, 1236. State Records Authority of New South Wales, Kingswood, New South Wales, Australia.

I found this record in my computer digital files for Alexander Whittle;  I received it from Lisa Nap of the Netherlands in 2011.  I wrote more about this and similar records in Finding the Alexander Whittle Pub in Sydney with Lots of Help From my GeneaMates (posted 2 March 2015).

Alexander Whittle (1818-1853) married Rachel Morley (1821-1861) in 1840 in Bolton-le-Moors, Lancashire.  They migrated to Australia in 1841 on the ship Brothers, and had six children.  They lived on Sussex Street in Sydney and was the proprietor of the Lancashire Arms Public House.  Alexander and Rachel (Morley) Whittle are my wife's second great-grandparents through their daughter Jane Whittle (1847-1921) who married Elijah McKnew (1836-1912) in 1865 in California.


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Nancy Whittle said...

Randy: My husband, Don Whittle, is a decendant of Jane's brother Joe Whittle, who married Mary Ann Quigg and settled in Angels Camp, where his decendants have been ever since