Monday, November 20, 2017

Monday Genea-Pourri

Here are some of my genealogy-related activities over the past week or so:

1)  23andMe has revised their Ancestry Composition numbers, but mine haven't changed much.  My "revised" ethnicity is:
*  47.9% British and Irish
*  26.0% French and German
*  2.0% Scandinavian
*  21% Broadly Northwestern European
*  1.3% Broadly Southern European
*  1.1% Broadly European

*  0.4% Native-American
*  0.1% Broadly East Asian and Native-American

*  0.1% North African

*  <0.1% Unassigned

I have only one match on 23andMe that is third cousin or closer.

2)  My AncestryDNA Shared Ancestors increased from 231 to 237, but all of them are really distant relatives - 5th to 8th cousins.  

3)  I received an email from a reader asking me to help track down details of her grandmother's death by murder in 1980 in Los Angeles.  I checked the newspapers sites that I have access to (GenealogyBank, Ancestry, Findmypast (has NewspaperARCHIVE), Elephind (has Chronicling America)), but none had a Los Angeles newspaper for 1980.  Apparently, has the full run of the Los Angeles Times newspapers, and a search there in just 1980 revealed 17 articles with the grandmother's name.  I recommended my reader start a trial subscription there and see if those articles reveal more details.

4)  We had a fast-paced Mondays With Myrt Hangout today - see I was able to participate for the full time today.  The panel discussed GEDCOM file uploads to the "Genealogies" section if FamilySearch, the Feedly news reader, the NextGen Genealogy Network and BlackProGen LIVE YouTube programs, the DAR, True Lewis's visit to Harrisburg, Living DNA, Slow Blogging, the WeRemember Ancestry story telling site, and my RootsTech registration contest.

5)  Denmark census records and the Denmark Church Records record collections came online on FamilySearch in the last week.  I looked for my grandsons' 2nd and 3rd great-grandparents in the Denamrk census records (1860-1900) and didn't find any of their families for some reason.  I think it may be because the counties they resided in (Tonder and Haderslev) were part of Schleswig-Holstein in Germany from 1867 to 1919.  In the Denmark church records, I found the three Danish surnames and was able to fill out the family group records for them with birth and marriage, and some death, dates.  I added the FamilySearch sources for the events and names.  That was fun.

6)  I continue to add new persons to my RootsMagic database (notably the Denmark families), and then TreeSharing daily.  After TreeSharing, Ancestry provides Record Hints and I add the event data and source citations to the database, and then TreeShare the changes.  Then I match and update the data to FamilySearch Family Tree.  I only have to touch a new person twice, so that's not too bad.


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Unknown said...

You know I have met some distant cousins, some of them 5th. But that has been great as I have found out so much about that side of the family. Not only am I interested in my ancestors but also the descendants of my ancestors. So I have created quite an expanded tree. Getting information from my cousins is crucial as it would take me much longer, (and be expensive), on my own.