Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Dear Randy: How do I attach a PDF document to a person in RootsMagic like I do with photos?

One of the attendees at the San Diego Genealogical Society RootsMagic Users Group asked this question last Saturday.

My response, after a bit of checking out how to do it, was:

The process is just like attaching an image to a Person or an Event in RootsMagic.  I will use a PDF I recently created for Abigail (Fletcher) Whitney (1720-1783), my 5th great-grandmother::

1)  For a person in RootsMagic, I clicked on the person's name in the Family View, and the "Edit Person" screen opened for Abigail Fletcher (1720-1783), and then clicked on the "Media" button on the "Edit Screen" screen, which opened the "Media Album" for the person:

2)  I want to "Add new media" to the "Media album" so I clicked on that button at the top of the "Media Album" screen.  That opened the "Add Media Item" screen.  I clicked on the down arrow for "Media type" and saw the choices were "Image," "File," "Sound" and "Video."

3)  I chose the "File" option on the screen above, then clicked on "Disk" button and found the location of the PDF file on my computer:

4)  I highlighted the file on the screen above, and clicked on the "Open" button and the "Media Properties" screen opened:

5)  I entered a "Caption" for the PDF file and then clicked "OK," which took me back to the "Media Album" screen:

6)  The PDF file is now in the "Media Album," and I can see who it is Tagged to, and where it is located on my computer.  I clicked on the PDF icon on the screen above to see the PDF file:

It's all there.  Success!  Pretty easy!  If you use RootsMagic, check the "Add Media Item" article in the "Help" Search menu.

The same process can be used to add a number of file types - Word documents, RTF files, text notes, etc.

7)  Now I'm wondering if that file will be added to my Gallery in my Ancestry Member Tree.  I'll report on that in another post.


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Larry A said...

Or you can just drag and drop directly into the "Media Album" but you don't get prompted with the "Media Properties" window.