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The Rest of the George W. Seaver Story - Part VIII: More Family Information

Returning to the George W. Seaver research quest, my research was interrupted by the week at RootsTech and my sickness since then.  When I left for RootsTech, Barry Sheldon continued finding records about the family.  

In this post, I want to show how Barry found more supportive information about George W. Seaver, his parents, Heman Seaver and Lauraetta Pease, his grandparents Warren and Fannie Pease, his aunt, Lucinda R. (Pease) Fields, and his sister, Anna (Seaver) (Sargent) Senter.

When we left the story on 26 February 2018, Barry and I had figured out the identity of George W. Seaver's father.  There are more records that help fill out the timelines for all of these persons.  I will discuss these in chronological order:

1)  The 1845 marriage of Heman Seaver and Laurette Pease:

Heman Seaver wasted no time, marrying Miss Laurette Pease in Cavendish, Vermont on 20 April 1845, as his second wife.  The divorce with Eliza Boynton was effective on 24 December 1844.  As we know, Heman and Lauraetta (Pease) Seaver went to Watertown, Jefferson County, Wisconsin in about 1848 and had two children, George W. Seaver in about 1848 and Anna Seaver in about 1851.  We also know that Heman and Lauraetta Seaver divorced in 1851 in Watertown according to a newspaper record.  We also know that Lauraetta (Pease) Seaver married Gates Ford Frye in 1859 in Lawrence, Mass.  

2)  1850 U.S. Census record for Warren Pease (Rase) household in Watertown, Jefferson county, Wisconsin:

The Pease surname was indexed as "Rase" in this record.  There are the parents and four sisters of Lauretta (Pease) Seaver in the same place that she resided (but was not enumerated) in 1850.

3)  Marriage of Mary A. Pease and Samuel Sargent in 1851 in Boston, Mass.:

Mary A. Pease (age 26, born in Weston, Vt., daughter of Warren Pease) married Samuel Sargent (age 32, a provisioner, born in Bradford N.H., son of Benjamin Sargent) in Boston, Mass. on 24 July 1851.

4)  1860 U.S. Census record for Samuel Sargent and Warren Pease (indexed as Pesa) in Boston, Mass.:

There are two families here:  Samuel and Mary A. (Pease) Sergent with 10-year old daughter Ann, and Warren Pease (indexed as "Pesa") with wife "Hanny R." (Fannie) and daughter Laimda (Lucinda?).  Ann Sargent is probably Ann Seaver, daughter of Heman and Lauraetta (Pease) Seaver.  

5)  1860 U.S. Census for Gates Frye in Troy, Waldo County, Maine:

This record, on two pages, shows the Gates F. Frye household with the Charles Hall household in Troy, Maine.  The Frye household includes Laurett Frye (age 32, born Maine, this is certainly Lauraetta (Pease) (Seaver) Frye), with Miner Frye (age 14, born Maine), and Geo. W. Frye (age 12, born Maine).  Miner Frye is the son of Gates Frye and his first wife.  Since Lauraetta (Pease) Seaver married Gates Frye in 1859, I think that Geo. W. Frye above is really George W. Seaver, son of Heman and Lauretta (Pease) Seaver.

6)  1865 Massachusetts State Census for Gates F. Frye in Lawrence, Mass.

In 1865, the Gates F. Frye (age 55, born Mass., a mason) household was enumerated in the Massachusetts State Census in Lawrence, Mass.  The household included Laurietta F. Frye (age 37, born Vt.), Miner Frye (age 19, born Mass.), and George W. Seaver (age 17, born Wisconsin, indexed as Leaver). 

7)  The 1892 death notice for Anna (Sargent) Senter provides additional information about her:

This death notice indicates that Anna (Sargent) Seaver was the adopted daughter of Samuel Sargent.  Who were her parents?  In Part VII, I highlighted the death record of  Anna (Sargent) Senter that said her parents were Heman and Lauretta Pease.   These two records support the hypothesis that Anna (Seaver) (Sargent) Senter was the daughter of Heman and Lauretta (Pease) Seaver, born in Watertown, Wisconsin in 1849.  She was probably adopted by Samuel and Mary Ann (Pease) Sargent after their marriage in 1851. 

8)  The obituary of Lucinda R. Fields in Honolulu, Hawaii provides additional information about Lucinda R. (Pease) Fields, the aunt of George W. Seaver:

9)  A death record for Lucinda R. Fields was found in Hawaii Death and Burials records:

The death record has the wrong father's name (Charles, instead of Warren, Lucinda had a brother named Charles!) and the wrong mother's name (Tannie Bell instead of Fannie B.).  But this is definitely Lucinda R. (Pease) Fields, widow of Rev. Alexander N. Fields.  Note from the obituary that she had a daughter, Fannie B. (Fields) West.

10)  I have a few more records from Barry, but the above are the ones that impact the family of George W. Seaver and the search for his parents.

11)  Again, Barry Sheldon has played an integral part in this research.  He has different methods and access to other record collections than I have.  Bouncing ideas and hypotheses and conclusions off each other via email has gotten us this far.  I think that Barry and I have solved all of the puzzles related to George W. Seaver and his parents by working together.  Thank you, Barry!

12)  I'm not done yet.  I want to update the timeline for George W. Seaver, his wife, his mother and his father.  I need to add all of the available data to the profiles for these people in my RootsMagic family tree, my Ancestry Member Tree and the FamilySearch Family Tree. I smell a case study presentation coming on, also!


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