Friday, April 6, 2018

Genealogy News Bytes - 6 April 2018

Some of the genealogy news items across my desktop the last three days include:

1)  News Articles:

Ancestry ProGenealogists launch Heritage Tours to Ireland, Italy, Germany and Sicily

*  Dutch Genealogy News for March 2018

*  TLC’s “Long Lost Family” Season 3 Premieres on Sunday, April 8

2)  Record Databases:

New Records Available To Search This Findmypast Friday, 6 April 2018

*  New Records on FamilySearch: Week of April 2, 2018

*  MyHeritage Adds New Historical Records in March 2018

3)  Genealogy Education:

 GeneaWebinars Calendar

 FamilySearch Classes Presented at RootsTech 2018 Now Online

*  Free Family History Library Classes and Webinars for April 2018

*  Upcoming Family Tree Webinar - Tuesday, 10 April 11 a.m. PDT:  Genealogy for Advanced Users: Grow Your Family Tree Online, by Uri Gonen

*  Upcoming Family Tree Webinar - Wednesday, 11 April, 5 p.m. PDT:  Georgia: Gateway to Westward Expansion, by Rorey Cathcart

*  Archived Family Tree Webinar:  CompGen: Germany's Genealogy Mega Site, by Teresa Steinkamp McMillin

*  Archived Family Tree Webinar:  Sharing The Joy: Projects That Will Captivate The Non-Genealogists In Your Life, by Lisa Louise Cooke

*  Archived Family Tree Webinar:  Legacy 9 Unlocked (part 3): Adding a Census Recordby Geoff Rasmussen

*  DearMYRTLE YouTube Channel:  The Archive Lady - Mar 2018 Where are the Records?

*  DearMYRTLE YouTube Channel:  Mondays with Myrt - 2 Apr 2018

*  DearMYRTLE YouTube Channel:  Breadcrumbs & Sources with Tony Proctor

*  The In-Depth Genealogist YouTube Channel:  The Race Continues...

*  Family History Fanatics YouTube Channel:  Research Over My Shoulder Ep. #1 - Ophelia Woodruff

*  Findmypast YouTube Channel:  Findmypast's Unique Catholic Heritage Archive

4)  Bargains:

*  Genealogy Bargains for Friday, April 6,  2018

5)  Neat Stuff:

X marks the spot: Archaeologists find America's largest pirate mass grave - final resting place of Black Sam's crew who drowned when their ship was wrecked off Cape Cod 300 years ago

*  DNA Test Reveals Woman's Father Is Actually Parents' Fertility Doctor

Did you miss the last Genealogy News Bytes - 3 April 2018?


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