Monday, April 2, 2018

Monday Genea-Pourri - 2 April 2018

Here are some of my family history and genealogy related activities over the past week:

1)  Last week was the opening of the baseball season, and we attended the Thursday and Saturday games of the San Diego Padres at Petco Park.  This affected my genealogy work - we are usually gone six to seven hours for each game we attend.  In addition, we watch the other games on TV, so I spend 3 or more hours watching TV games.

I made some progress on my new genealogy project - I am researching the ancestry of a local personality, and will present what I find at the CVGS Family History Day in September.   The goal is to try to identify at least 2nd great-grandparents, find interesting stories about them, and attempt to find an important historical person as an ancestor or relative.  I standardized all of the places in the RootsMagic tree, started investigating the Hints for the ancestors, started researching the end-of-line ancestors, and made some progress there in English records.  I TreeShared the RootsMagic tree with the Ancestry Member Tree. 

3)  I spent some time working on the MyHeritage chromosome browser and downloaded the shared  segment data for all of my MyHeritageDNA matches.  I transferred that into a spreadsheet, and sorted it by chromosome and segment start location.  This told me who shares the same segment on a given chromosome.  Unfortunately, I can identify a common ancestor for only a few of the matches, but now I know who may share those common ancestors, or perhaps the ancestors of those common ancestors.  This is a major advantage of MyHeritageDNA.  I need to do the same thing with 23andMe and FamilyTreeDNA matches.

4)  I participated in the 2 April edition of the Mondays With Myrt webinar.  In today's webinar, we discussed:  Genealogy blogging - why and how, and reasons not to blog;  Copyright issues - what's allowed, fair use, sharing photographs, downloading documents, asking permission; GenealogyBank and terms of service; how to capture images; copy/pasting text and images into Blogger; probate records and family circumstances; NGS conference streaming classes; and more.

5) There were occasional sessions working in RootsMagic to update FamilySearch Family Tree profiles for Seaver families and other database families, with occasional additions to the RootsMagic profiles. I have matched 23,110 of my persons with FSFT.  I now have 49,828 persons in my RootsMagic file.   I TreeShared several times during the last week.  There were also several sessions in Ancestry Hints to add content and source citations for the new RootsMagic profile additions.   I've fallen behind on the Record Hints with 60,206 waiting to be resolved, but I'm working on them.  Every time I add something to RootsMagic and TreeShare, the Hints multiply.

6)  I have 276 Shared Ancestors on my AncestryDNA list (I had 271 last week), 808 4th cousins or closer (up from 799 last week), and 722 pages (over 36,100 matches with at least 5 cM) (was 706 pages last week) of  matches.  I have 13 matches that are third cousins or closer, and 93 matches with 34 cM (0.5%) or more (was 93 last week).  My highest match has 779 cM (11.5%), and is one of my first cousins.  I have 19 DNA Circles (was 19 last week). Very few of the new matches have an Ancestry Member Tree.

7)  I have 3,383 DNA Matches on MyHeritage (up from 3,349 last week) with at least 8 cM (0.1%), with 20 matches with more than 34 cM (0.5%) or more (was 45 last week).  I have two close relatives, both first cousins twice removed.  The highest match is 293 cM (4.0%).  Most of my  matches have very small trees with no common ancestors shown.

8)  I have 1,062 DNA Relatives on 23andMe (I had 1,077 last week) who share at least 0.10% with me.  Of these, only 1 shares 1.0% or more, and 41 share 0.50% or more (was 38 last week), with the highest match being 1.54%.  I struggle to find out anything about most of these testers.

9)  I have 2,516 autosomal DNA Matches on FamilyTreeDNA (up from 2,486 last week) who share 0.25% (18 cM) or more, with the highest match being 96 cM (1.42%).  I have 12 who share at least 1.0% (68 cM) with me, and 1,361 who share at least 0.50% (34 cM) or more (was 1,342 last  week) with me.  I have had better luck finding shared ancestors here with a few of these testers.


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